Monday, December 29, 2014

The Final Monday Ten

After ten years of writing lists of ten things practically every week, I've decided to wrap up the Monday ten things feature and do something else in 2015. I'm sure I'll still write ten lists, but from here on out they'll pop up at random versus every Monday.

Since this will be the last of the feature lists, I've put together:

Ten Things About PBW's Ten Things Lists

How Many? According to Blogger and my tags I've written 460 ten lists in ten years. Or, counting this one, 461.

More Than Words: Not all the ten lists were made of words and links; here's one I made with an airshow photo slideshow.

Most Popular: The most-viewed ten things list is 2006's Ten Things About Web Site Design and Management.

Most Surprising: Probably my Back Again ten list when I finally told everyone about the eye issues.

Most Unpopular: Oddly enough the prize for the list that generated the largest number of angry e-mails goes to Ten Things I Hate About Your WorldBuilding; in particular the cracks I made about royal ladies and bathrooms in stories, which I have been repeatedly told were unforgiveable (and for this reason I have not apologized to all the fantasy writers and fans who consider the inbred and the restroom as sacred and untouchable topics; you guys are never going to forgive me anyway.)

Most Unusual: If I had to pick I'd say probably 2010's Ten Things I've Never Told Anyone About StarDoc, as I hardly ever divulge that sort of behind-the-scenes stuff.

My Favs: I try not to play favorites, but I've always thought Ten Things I've Resolved to Do and Ten Signs that You May Be Writing a Literary McNovel were my funniest lists.

My Other Fav: My ten things slideshow from my trip to Savannah is my favorite picture list, probably because it was the first time I was able to show my guy the one city in America I most adore.

Premiere: The first Monday Ten list appeared on PBW waaaaaaay back on November 8th, 2004.

Recorded, Not Written While recovering from my first eye surgery I was basically blind for a couple of weeks, so I dictated Ten Things About How to Pronounce Those Odd Names & Words I Write into a recorder and my friend Jilly typed it up for me.


  1. Your "Ten Things I Hate About Your WorldBuilding" post still makes me laugh. :-)

  2. Anonymous10:30 PM

    That is a lot of Monday ten things.
    Great job. Thanks for doing them over the years.

    Ron B


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