Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sub Op

I spotted this Australian print/digital zine op over in's Paying Markets forum:

What Bide likes most about words is the moments spent with them. Brevity. A snatched story or a glimpsed character or just a minute on the back of a truck with the dry air coming down from the desert. Do you know what I mean? So, Bide is for flash. Not just fiction, and actually, not just writing. But momentary storytelling. Stuff that fits on a page, or inside a minute. Glances.

Bide will be published twice a year as a printed, stapled A5 zine, with a hand-written thanks from your friendly local editor, Anna Spargo-Ryan. It will also be available online as a PDF download, and as a .mobi and .epub, for your digital bookery. We are accepting fiction, non-fiction, poetry, spoken word, video, art and sideways glances. We are here to promote momentary storytelling.

Length: "There are no strict word limits, but think about between 10 and 400 words, or 25 lines of poetry, or 30-60 seconds of your voice/face." Payment: "All successful submissions will be paid AU$80. We might also ask if you’d be okay with us publishing your piece on our website instead. Website-only publication will be paid AU$40." To submit and get more details, go to Bide's guidelines and submission page here.

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