Saturday, December 06, 2014

Writer Prezzies

Finding a fun gift for the writers on your holiday shopping list is easy, and I'm not saying that just because I'm a writer (okay, I might be a bit biased.) I always suggest first asking your writer what they need because writers are generally poor and will usually be in need of something to help them with their work.

Some other ideas:

My #1 gift suggestion is always a bookstore gift card, as we're always in need of books and we love going to the brick and mortars. Runner up: online bookseller e-giftcards are super convenient and can be delivered via e-mail.

Go to and perform a search with the words gift for writer; you'll find everything from handmade journals to handcrafted pendants with your writer's favorite quotation (and I put together a treasury here with some of my favorite gifts for writers.)

I've never met a writer who doesn't love Magnetic Poetry, and if you're looking for a stocking stuffer or a gift under $10.00 their little boxes of words are perfect.

Fill a pretty mug with tea bags, one-serving envelopes of instant coffee or hot cocoa, add a small box of cookies or other type of nibbly and present in a gift bag. If you like to sew you can also make a mug mat to go with it.

My favorite online indie shop to visit for writer gift ideas is Writer's Bloc; they have amazing Clairefontaine notebooks, beautiful pens and great sales, too.

Finally, if money is tight this year you can opt for a DIY writer gift that you can make for little or no cost.

What are some of your favorite gifts for the writers in your life? Let us know in comments.

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  1. Journals come in at the top of the list. Haven't found the patience to handcraft one, but have seen some with lovely covers online.
    I like giving music too, if I know something of their taste. Epic movie soundtracks are good, with no lyrics that might distract. Nature sounds are also nice. Writing a tense/action scene with a ready-made thunderstorm rumbling in the background is awesome!


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