Sunday, December 07, 2014

Reader Prezzies

Since I covered gifts for writers yesterday I thought I'd put together same ideas for the readers on your holiday shopping list. Readers may seem picky, but we're actually pretty easy to please -- we want books, books and more books.

For a number of reasons readers tend to be selective about what books we like, so it's always best to check with us before you purchase a pile of books. If you don't want to be that direct, check to see if we have an online wishlist that can be your guide (and readers, creating a wishlist somewhere online and letting your people know about it does help.)

When I did a search on Etsy for gifts for readers I got back 7,216 results (and for more ideas, I've got a treasury of reader treasures here.)

Thanks to the popularity of e-readers many book lovers are now converting their libraries over to e-book form. Find out what device they're using and you can usually find some nifty accessories for it, like these for the Nook HD.

Gone Reading is an indie online retailer that offers a whole slew of delightful reader-themed gifts, and donates 100% of their after-tax profits to provide new funding for reading-related charities, so they're also pretty much saints.

While out gathering linkage I came across the Library Foundation of Los Angeles's Gifts for Readers page and found some really nifty gift ideas there.

Ideas for the budget-challenged:

If your reader doesn't mind used books (some do, so check first) you can shop for them at any used book or thrift store; most books are under a dollar. I also like looking in on library, garage and rummage sales for cheap used books. If your reader prefers unused books, try the Dollar store or the remainder tables at your local chain bookstores.

Look for free reads online, bookmark what you find and create a list for your reader. Some authors like me make their free reads available to be downloaded and shared (mine are all in .pdf format so they'll need a compatible e-reader or Adobe reader software.)

Some e-readers allow you to lend one of your purchased e-books to another reader; others regularly offer free titles.

What are your favorite gifts for readers? Let us know in comments.

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