Wednesday, December 03, 2014

What's Your Sign's Gift?

Kelli Fox has an interesting article here with holiday gift suggestions based on your recipient's zodiac sign. I never considered gift-giving from this angle, so I checked out my sign (Cancer) and saw it started with an excellent suggestion:

Something you made yourself that represents comfort and connection, such as a personal framed photograph or basket of spiced muffins, will be extra meaningful

Yes, absolutely. Handmade gifts of any kind are wonderful. This year I've been hand-making most of my own holiday gifts; I also adore gifts that are made of recycled or repurposed materials.

As for the rest of her suggestions:

Photo album filled with family pictures -- I'm the family photographer, so they'd have to raid my computer, but I'd certainly like this one.

Genealogy software or a framed family tree -- Not a happy gift for someone who is adopted, unfortunately.

Velvet throw pillows -- I do love velvet, but it's a pet hair magnet. Also doesn't really go with any room in my house.

A wine rack stocked with a few choice bottles -- Unless your recipient, like me, doesn't use alcohol; then it's going to be a very pricey rack of kitchen drain cleaner. Actually, the wine rack could be repurposed as a yarn or fabric rack (or stocked with exotic, non-alcoholic drinks, maybe?)

Gift certificate to a home d├ęcor or improvement store -- me not so much, but my guy would definitely use it.

A cookbook or gift certificate to a favorite restaurant -- Yes on the cookbook, particularly anything vegetarian, low-fat and/or sugar- or lactose-free. I'm picky about restaurants, though, so pass on the GC.

I think any zodiac-based gift suggestions should inspire rather than be used an absolute guide, too. After inspecting the best gifts for my sign I checked out the suggestions in the article for some members of my family based on their signs. Only one thing listed for my daughter's sign would work for her, and absolutely nothing listed for my guy would actually suit him.

Do you have a unique way of choosing gifts for your recipients? Let us know in comments.


  1. If I see something that can only belong to a particular person, that's their gift. My sister and I were out goofing around on my last visit up north. We wandered into this really cool gift shop and from across the room, I saw this beautiful little crookedy-shaped box, covered in fabric from the 50s. All I said was, "OMG, it's perfect," as I made my way to the other side of the room. My sister comes up behind me as I'm lifting the box off the shelf and says, "It looks just like her." We both meant my BFF and yeah, it fit her personality, her love of all things weird and colorful and different. I bought the little box and held on to it for months until her birthday. That's the best way for me to shop, no matter what time of year it happens to be. The hard part is keeping the gift until the event... ;D

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  3. Fascinating! My mom loves that kind of stuff. I need to check out what her gifts would be.

  4. Keita Haruka1:31 PM

    I'm the world's worst giver of gifts, mainly because in this family, neither birthdays nor christmas was considered particularly meaningful. As a result, I never developed the gift giving instinct.

    What I do is observe the person while shopping, and then get them whatever I see them looking at in that longing "I sooo want this!" way.

    Alternatively, I just ask them what they want, or a gift card from a shop I know they visit.

    Of course, it's easy for some people. For my SO, all I need do is visit the local gaming shop and get him the latest first-person shooter. :P

    I looked at the Libra stuff they list on the site. Some of it is accurate. A sweet, loving gift is ALWAYS appreciated. Something with a personal touch. The expensive clothing, celebrity magazines and nights out dancing are WAY off base though. Introverted Libras are as alergic to social contact as any other introvert. :-) But I'll take that luxury spa treatment any day of the week!

  5. Well, thanks to your fine work I didn't need to check the link out for my sign as I'm Cancer too. I love gifts that have been hand made, but as for the rest, no thanks. I don't have a huge family and we don't give big gifts as money is always tight. For me & my sisters, a book or book token is a great choice. For the men in the family it's usually a shopping trip. Maybe it's just our family but since my kids are now grown up Christmas isn't big for us & I don't even bother putting up a tree. At the end of the day it's just a couple of days off work and a big Sunday lunch.


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