Monday, July 07, 2008

Skiffy Ten

Ten Things for the SF/F Lovers

And I thought I hated SF writing workshops -- A Workshop Lexicon by Bruce Sterling.

Because if they behaved, they'd be boring -- Lee Masterson's article Aliens and Faeries: Non-Human Characters Acting Badly

If Hawking won't lend you his copy -- Free to read online from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics -- Martin V. Zombeck's Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics

"Elf, dwarf, centaur -- you know the drill" -- On World Building by China MiƩville.

Need stars, lots of stars -- Check out the Physics and Astronomy links online at

Look, Flash -- it's Eujyuidd Xi!: For those times when you have a world but can't think of a handle for it, The Planet Name Generator.

Also from Seventh Sanctum: for those times when the Singularity arrives, and your SF protagonist can't find his Dimensional Awl or Vortex Nanogrinder, the Science Fiction Tool Generator.

CH71 FRI 3:30PM GMT: Venus City ~ While exploring the interior of a derelict starship, a respected scientist is trapped inside of a stasis field and is sent backward in time to prevent a disastrous occurence -- a skiffy idea brought to you by The Science Fiction TV Show Synopsis Generator.

Free homework -- Jeffrey A. Carver's online writing course site, Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy

Get over Starship Troopers already, will you? -- Author William Mielke's post Writing Science Fiction -- Ten Cliches to Avoid


  1. Love these links. Am I the only one getting excited about homework? *g*

    I'll get me coat.

  2. Oooh, this is fun stuff! Free homework from Jeffrey Carver? I'm so there.

  3. I love derelict spacecraft stories!

    I hate that they always destroy them at the end!

    bah :)

  4. Loved the articles on non-human creatures and world building. I don't tend to include too many non-humans in my writing at this point, but I might in the future and appreciate the advice about making a non-human species actually act like a separate species. The world-building one was very helpful as well. I recently built a very complex world and wrestled with paring it down to what was most important to the story at hand.

  5. Anonymous4:46 PM

    I immediately clicked on the homework link, laughing at getting my ultra-geek on. . .

    Thank goodness I'm not alone!

    As always--great links PBW.

  6. Ooh, fantastic links. Thank you!

  7. Thanks for these links--terrific stuff.


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