Friday, July 18, 2008

Still Dealing

Nothing to report yet, although things seem to be going well. The editor's first reaction to my pitch, and I'll quote: Oh, this sounds so cool! I know, she's toying with me, trying to lull me into a false sense of security so she can talk me out of the pony, but that's how this stuff works.

And if I can't sell anything more to NY, all is not lost. I could go and write for a rag for a while. I bet Romantic Times would love to hire me to do all their article research verification for them! Okay, maybe not. But maybe I could do a column for something like True Confessions*. I've already got some title ideas: I Helped Aliens Abduct My Ex, Married in Middle School, and How Can I Keep Hiding My Prehensile Tail from My Boyfriend?. I'd still be writing fiction. Mostly. Look, the aliens were going to abduct him anyway.

Thank you all for cheering me on, and keep your fingers crossed.

*I would provide a link, but my extremely paranoid software advises me that the official magazine web site is not to be trusted.


  1. I still say go for the pony!
    (And bring some of your fairy dust back with you to sprinkle around...) ;)

  2. So how much do these aliens charge and is there any downfall to having a boyfriend disappear abruptly?
    Congrats on the pitch working out so well.

  3. *fans self*

    Definitely hold out for the pony!

    /me will have a small announcement to make shortly! Nothing on PBW's scale of course, but it's making a sqrl's heart beat faster!

  4. You can't go wrong with aliens. *g* Hold out for the pony!

  5. Anonymous7:40 AM

    I didn't think you liked horses. Maybe you'd be better off holding out for a Porche. Get some ponies under the hood. ;)

    Of COURSE NY will continue to want to work with you. You're a churning little money maker.

    This is like everything you wanted, publishing wise. Right?


  6. *crosses fingers*

    If they give you TWO ponies, could one possibly come to live in the UK? I would look after it very well.

  7. Oh my lord! When I cleaned up my computer screen from the coffee I'd spewed, I realized that you'd infected me with a plot bunny.

    OK, admit it, you really are an alien and that's your mission, right? "Terminator 77: Rise of the Mutant Plot Bunnies."

    ROFL. And keeping fingers crossed for you. All 12 of them. . . (insert twilight zone music here)

  8. Make that three ponies! :D

  9. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Get that pony! You go! Yay!

    JulieB -- cheering late... :)

  10. Tambo beat me to it on the pony vs horse discussion. Good luck.

  11. "How Can I Keep Hiding My Prehensile Tail from My Boyfriend"

    Ya know, there are some guys who could really go for a little tail. Flip this one around, and you got a sale to Cosmo as well.

    "America's Hot New Sex Trend Redefines The Reacharound!"

  12. ROTFL at your proposed titles!

    OK - fingers still crossed. Keep us posted on the negotiations.

  13. *waving pompoms here, with crossed fingers, a huge feat, let me tell you* Best of luck!

  14. I keep promising my staff that I will be back-unless abducted by said aliens. I have been informed however, that said aliens, having heard my list of projects at dayjob, have run screaming and are now looking for a closet they can rent and in which they can hide. The monsters are negotiating. :)
    P.S. they did however leave me the rum.

  15. This is just wonderful. You keep your eyes on the prize and focus on that twenty...that was minutes wasn't it? *faints*

    And like NY is ever going to let you go. Maybe you better paint a mural of that beach on your study wall.


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