Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mind Candy Ten

Ten Artists to Check Out

I found these artists in ImagineFX's March 2008 print issue, which paid tribute to Frank Frazetta and his art in honor of his 80th birthday (my own tribute to him comes out next month in Omega Games.)

For each artist I've also added a link to a particular artwork or painting of theirs that caught my attention. They all have fantastic galleries, often with hundreds of works that are quite inspirational (all of the images I linked to here are what I'd consider work-safe; but be advised that certain others among the different galleries may not be.)

Arventur: The Awakening of Forest Princess

Pascal Blanche: Babymoon

Eli Effenberger: Black Cat White Cat

Uwe Jarling: Angels Rock

Ville-Valtteri Kinnunen: Horned Dragon

Raphael Lacoste: North Kingdom

Kirsi Salonen: Nayru

Katarina Sokolova: (Untitled)

Raymond Swanland: The Owls ~ The Forgotten Mountain

Tiberius Viris: Hall of the Dragon Mist

Finally, if you didn't catch the link Eva Gale passed along last month, do check out the mind-blowing world-building art of Jesse van Dijk.


  1. Great links.
    I loved Katarina Sololova especially.

  2. Alternate universes indeed.
    I was attracted to Raphael Lacoste's vision at

    Also Tiberius Viris's amazing work.

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