Monday, July 21, 2008

Quick Heads Up

There is an order system computer glitch affecting author Elizabeth Bear's new novel, Ink & Steel ISBN 978-0451462091, which is creating distribution problems and preventing the book from getting into stores. If you are looking for the book and can't find it at your local brick & mortar, please ask them to order it by ISBN (evidently it is not in the order system under byline or title.)

I've also had reports (which I've since confirmed are true) that my new StarDoc novel, Omega Games, is now being shipped by B& Which really isn't a problem except that it's being distributed two weeks ahead of the laydown date. Nevertheless, if you want to get it early, that's where to go.


  1. Omega Games! *pounce* Rotten about Elizabeth Bear's title. I hope they get it fixed. I'd hate to see something like that kill her series.

  2. Anonymous10:07 AM


    In reference to the early release date. I started paying more attention to when I saw books in stores vs. release dates after JD Ward asked those on her board to wait to buy 'Fury' if they saw it early as it affected the #'s. I keep a to be released list in Excel for the books/series I'm interested in so I don't miss out. It's long. I realized some have strict to be released dates and others don't. I saw 'Twilight Fall' 2 weeks early at Wal-mart and at Barnes & Noble. This made me remember that when 'Evermore' was released it was out earlier than it was suppose to be also. I remember reading your post that said I believe, the last 2 released at 21 right outside that best seller thresh hold. When I saw 'Twilight Fall' early I was upset for you in the respect of the #'s thing. I didn't realize how the #'s worked until you talked about the top 20 & being considered a bestseller. I truly believe, if this helps, that your last several (at least the Darken) have releases better on the list then the #'s say.

    Thank you I so enjoy reading the Darken novels,

    P.S. I haven't read it yet but I did pick up the Patricia Brigs book you recommended.


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