Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Ten

Ten Things I Did on Christmas Day

Asked everyone to go out with me to see the lights around town, and everyone shocked me by saying yes. This then went from a casual drive to a hot chocolate pit stop to a delightful walk around town.

Ate two very small pieces of butter fudge and then successfully resisted sweets for the rest of the day. Considering how many cookies and how much chocolate is in this house right now, I deserve a medal for this.

Discovered what will be my motto for next year. More on that later this week.

Got lovely BAM giftcard joy from the love of my life.

Held a vote earlier this week and decided to go with an utterly non-traditional backyard barbecue Christmas dinner. We loved every bite of it.

Played with the camera and photographed everyone and everything, including my new Christmas red-and-green cyclamen.

Read four of my random pick books; found one new-to-me author to add to my keeper shelves.

Received a pretty but wholly enigmatic gift from my mom and now must find a tactful way to ask her what the heck it is.

Tried Canadian maple syrup for the first time, and added another reason to my list of why I adore Canadians.

Went into raptures using my brand-new standing mixer; the other gift from the love of my life. Before anyone snipes about getting an appliance as a gift, I've wanted one of these just about forever but made do with cheap hand mixers because I felt guilty coveting something so serious and expensive. Not anymore, though. It's fabulous. Like a jet outboard motor for your cooking. Whips egg whites in under a minute, kneads bread dough, can make pasta, juice things, grind things . . . I may never willingly leaving the kitchen again.

So how were the holidays at your home? Get any surprises? Let us know in comments.


  1. I wouldn't snipe about your mixer. I'm jealous.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday, Lynn. We had a good one here, too. =o)

  2. I moved from England to Canada eight years ago.

    One of the great Canadian pleasures, apart from Tim Hortons coffee? Maple Syrup!!!

  3. Sounds like it was an awesome day. And I won't dis you for your mixer. That's the only way I can seem to get things like that so I've asked for appliances on many occasions. I got a great, big, shiny mixer about 10 years ago, finally. The only thing it doesn't do is wash dishes. But I'd have never gotten it if I hadn't specifically said that was the only thing I wanted for Christmas that year. So good for you! And enjoy it. They're a beautiful thing ;o)

  4. Ha! I asked my husband for a bread machine for Christmas. Sometimes appliances ARE what we want! And frankly if you have issues with using hands, machines that do the heavy lifting are a godsend.

    Never did get to go around and look at all the lights, but they'll be up until New Year's so I hope I get a chance this week.

  5. I got an awesome Kitchen Aid mixer AND a Cuisinart food processor. Santa loved me this year!

  6. Susanne2:06 PM

    1) Wrap gifts
    2) Decorate tree (this year with real beeswax candles which was wonderful)
    3) Eat ducks
    4) Eat Filet Wellington
    5) Drink lots of pink french Champagne and Bordeux
    6) Drink austrian peach schnaps
    7) Watch the others unwrap presents
    8) Being happy that others like my presents
    9) Unwrap my own presents
    10) Great presents!!! my family :-))))))

  7. Canadians adore you too!

  8. I got this unbelievably awesome bracelet from my guy. I tend to wear....ah... weird jewelry. This is leather and the clasp is two joined dragon heads sharing a silver ring.

    It's...well, amazing.

  9. I had a good holiday and everyone got along which is always a plus!

    Glad you got a good really can make a huge difference when you bake and cook:)

  10. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! :-D

  11. I know about the mixer. My wife coveted one for ages, and now it's like you said, a jet-powered outboard for her kitchen.

    For a truly Canadian experience, make a pan of piemeal (or back-) bacon, then when it's done, for the last minute or three, pour maple syrup in the pan and roll everything around for a bit (keep it moving). Serve quick before it sticks.

  12. Fran Kane5:15 AM

    My youngest son got me a hand blender for Christmas because I've just got back into cooking and needed one for my soup. So no complaints about appliance gifts from me, no sireee.

    I loved Shiloh's description of her bracelet, wish I'd gotton one of those too.

    Unfortunately on Christmas Day itself I had a banging headache and spent a considerable part of the day in bed with painkillers and ice packs. No hangover either, one of the God awful hormone headaches. Roll on the menopause!

    Still my oldest son, the chef, helped out with the food which turned out to be the best tasting Christmas dinner ever. Teamwork!


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