Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Hero

I couldn't help trying out this interesting quiz to determine which Regency hero I should marry, via author Carolyn Jewel:

Which Regency Hero Should You Marry?
The Knight His great, great, great, great (a few more) was a Knight, and this hero is chivalry personified. The truth is, you little strumpet, you'll have to make the first, second and third move. He'll make the fourth. He is very very talented in bed, as all Knights are.

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Figures I'd get stuck with a guy on a horse. I bet he'll want me to polish all that blasted armor, too . . .

Wonder who wants your hand in marriage? Take the quiz here.


  1. Susanne1:40 AM

    Ha! I got the Beast! mmmm likesbeastsmustnotobsess mmmm
    I guess the test fits..Lucan is one of my fav heroes of yours..

    I hope you are having a fun pre-christmas time!

  2. Fun! I got The Beast- Everyone is afraid of The Beast. He has a scar on his cheek and he's big and all muscle where it counts. You, fair maid, are too perfect for him but my God, he loves you from a far. And a near. And over there, too. He's a beast in bed and a kitten in the afterglow, but you'll need to work hard to tame him!

  3. I got the Genius Gentleman -- just my type!

  4. Like Lois, I got the Genius Gentleman. Maybe we could share him?

  5. Prideful Hunk who apparently loses it when he sees my ankle. Weirdo.

  6. Keita Haruka9:58 AM

    Gentleman Genius. Meh. :p So not my type. Can I trade him in for a Beast? :p

  7. My result was TOTALLY unexpected... I can't get over it... I am shocked... I am ... speechless even o.O Mr. Darcy... REALLY?

    Prideful Hunk

    He's a viscount or possibly just a Mister whose family is so old his surname name is Norman French in origins and he has precedence over several earls and even a duke. He wardrobe makes Beau Brummel look like last month's Gentleman's Journal. If he played cards, he'd win. But he doesn't. He's stinking rich and despite his high opinion of himself, his friends are unaccountably nice.

    When you meet him, he dismisses you as beneath him. Slowly, he's won over by your intelligence and wit, but it's all over for him when he sees your ankle. Once you accidentally see him in a wet shirt you understand you're meant to be.

  8. @Shiloh: I got that too ... hey, it's Mr. Darcy, could've been worse :D

  9. Fran Kane10:31 AM

    I also got the Genius Gentlemen! Not bad, methinks!!

  10. Hmmm...I got the Brooding Duke. I don't know why. I'm not overly fond of brooders. Interesting, and fun :o)

  11. I got THE BEAST. lol Oh yea, mine is a beast when he is hungry. ;-)

    Actually, I think we would fit well together... as long as we had a cat.

  12. Nice quiz. I got The Genius Gentleman :) Not bad at all.

  13. I got the Knight, but he needs to polish his own armor. That is not a euphemism.

  14. Anne V.9:01 PM

    Kinda strange, but this actually fits my hubby.


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