Sunday, April 10, 2005

Yet Another . . .

The Lit-Blog Coop asks the burning question:

What would happen if a bunch of your favorite literary blogs got together four times a year and picked a book from obscurity, an overlooked literary gem that we'd get behind as a group and bring to your attention, flogging it ceaselessly both here and on our respective individual blogs?

PBW's Bad Angel: Can I answer this one? Please? Pretty, pretty please with sugar on top?

PBW's Good Angel: You so much as look at that question again and you'll be in the dog house until Labor Day.

Bad Angel: Oh, yeah? Two words for you. Literary. Gem.

Good Angel: I'll use the pepper spray this time, sohelpmeGod.

Bad Angel: Good, I needed to gargle before I go to bed.

Good Angel: Why can't you say something nice?

Bad Angel: They've got Sarah Weinman. She's our homie.

Good Angel: See? Was that so hard?

Bad Angel: Bet they kidnapped her cat to make her do it.

Good Angel: Shut UP.

All kidding aside, break a leg, guys.

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