Tuesday, April 05, 2005


My daughter helped me out while my left hand was giving me grief and she finished the last of the repairs on the latest quilt restoration project:

Naturally the boys immediately appreciated our work (note: original photo lost; here's one of all the pets anyway):

Next up on the repair rack, what we're calling the Grey Lady Down quilt:

(note: original photo lost)

I've never seen a wedding ring quilt with a gray background before this one, so I was determined to save it. Unfortunately it's a mess: three fist-sized holes through the piece, significant wear damage and rotted fabrics, binding mostly gone and klutzy repairwork by someone who knew nothing about quilts or mending. I like a challenge, though, and the piecework is large enough that I can do it mostly one-handed if my hand goes on strike again.

After we get the Grey Lady back into shape, I have a real buzz of an antique quilt top to play with:

(note: original photo lost)

It's even brighter in reality. I keep expecting it to spontaneously combust. If this is how the original maker composed a quilt, can you imagine how she dressed?

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