Friday, April 15, 2005

5% Solution

You writers out there, stop what you're doing, this minute. You don't have to chase agents, or slog through the slush piles, or slam your head against Publishing's permanently locked vault door anymore. You don't even have to write books.

No, all you have to do is compete for one of eight spots on this Fall's newest TV reality show, Book Millionaire.

Host Lori Prokop says "Books are about fun and business. Ninety-five percent of the success of a book is believing in it, the ability to market it and getting the message out there in front of readers. Five percent of the success is writing."

That's right, and you know, Lori's on TV, which means Lori is an expert. Lori is also the bestselling author of . . . something. Not this, or this, but something.

Anyway, according to Lori, in order to be a success, 95% of our time as writers should be spent believing in the book, marketing it, and spreading the propaganda. Actually writing the book, a mere 5%. And it's not a hoax, or if it is, someone is carrying it to extremes.

M.J., I think we're gonna need a lot more aspirin.

(Story and link hijacked from Nick Mamatas' Journal)

Update: Lee Goldberg says it's an infomercial-scam. That explains much.

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