Sunday, April 03, 2005


Via Rob Malda's Amazing Poem Generator, which will extract a poem from your URL:

Paperback Writer @is dead, via tribal acceptance. and rented
mystery chicken entrees, limp from a

I knew if the tribe didn't get me, the limp hovering mystery chicken would.

The Goth-O-Matic needs a bit of prompting:

the night falls without a sound, soulless are we.
the light for which you sacrifice yourself
flares once, then dies,
smothered by a velvet ebon nothingness.
all hope must surely perish.

And so too must this poem. Immediately.

You'll also need a line to seed Chris Seidel's Heretical Poem Generator:

paperback writer, go away
though you remind me of Wacford Squeers
A boodly saw a boodly comin' through the rye today
and doth he squasheth the lobsters

No actual lobsters were harmed during the generation of this poem.

Also from Chris Seidel, who apparently has way too much time on his/her hands, the Beatnik Ramble Generator

Paperback writer, go write a book
its writer, Paperback there!!! is destiny Rams you a poet? No!

Destiny always rams something.

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