Thursday, April 21, 2005

Oprah Dear

M.J. Rose has signed on with the authors who have sent an open letter to television's Oprah Winfrey, entreating her to bring back her show's bestseller-making book club.

We genre writers should do something like this. I'm thinking a postcard:

Hi O,

Love your show. Want to be on it.
Know much indy dirt. Have funny
Drag Queen Flipper tail tale.
Can pass as lit writer w/low lighting
& wardrobe aid. Wish you were here.



  1. Hahahaha! I just spit Diet Mountain Dew on my keyboard! 'Wish you were here'! Too funny!

  2. I thought every character had to die or live in utter despair in order to make O's bookclub. Maybe it just seems that way.

  3. lol. very cool. i hope the O Book Club makes a comeback too.


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