Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Much To-Do

Things around Casa PBW just got interesting, thanks to those of you who went out and invested in my latest release. Evidently a whole bunch of you did, and the next book will very likely be out a month or two sooner than planned. This also trims my work schedule, but like I'm going to complain.

No pressure, really. I simply have to finish writing a book that must be as good, and hopefully better, than the one that is apparently flying off the shelves right now. In the next ten days. Mylanta, anyone?

On the Zen side of life, I've started another weblog. No, not joking. I'm almost as passionate about quilts as I am about writing, and ideally I'd like to talk about that work with other conservators and quilt addicts. I think archiving some of my work on the internet might help other quilters who want to save their old quilts. I won't be able to update A Stitch in Time as often as PBW, as quilts take a lot longer to work on than books, but I still think it'll be fun.

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