Friday, April 08, 2005

46 Worries

Via Holly Black, 46 things for authors to worry about.

My additions:

Editor tells you that you have no chance to make the bestseller list. Then your book makes the bestseller list.

Editor asks for your honest opinion, and you actually give it to him/her.

Production misspells your name on your cover flats so badly that buyers can't find you on their order forms.

Your serious novel gets Wile E. Coyote quality cartoon cover art.

Production schedules to release your hardcover novel in a mass market edition but forgets to tell you.

Typesetter misspells the name of a major character 369 times in the galley. Misspelling is also the word for an illegal drug.

You get a chance for a cover quote from a world-famous author and your editor tells you he/she won't use it because the WFA doesn't write in your genre.

People start naming their kids after your characters. Usually the ones that you named after your pets.

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