Monday, April 04, 2005

Tool Ten

Ten Things for the Online Toolists

1. Acronym Finder -- find out what the heck those letters mean.

2. Kevan Davis's The Advertising Slogan Generator -- enter a word, get an instant slogan.

3. County/State Finder -- to find all the counties in one state, leave the county field blank.

4. Day-of-the-week Finder -- find the day of the week for any date.

5. The Random Euphemism Generator -- very inventive to completely crass, hit reload to regenerate.

6. The Random Obituary Generator of Doom -- when no one knows what to put in the paper.

7. Synonym & Antonym Finder

8. Also from Kevan Davis, The Sheep Poetry Generator.

9. Tombstone Calculator -- figure birthdate from death date and age of death in day/month/year format.

10. World Time Search and Calendar Generator

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