Monday, November 04, 2013

$1.00 Ten

When Mom visits we always make a trip to the local dollar stores for cards, gift wrap and other seasonal necessities. During our last pilgrimage I looked around for writer stuff, too, and here are:

Ten Things I Found for $1.00

1. Ruled Writing Tablet, 6" X 9", 100 lined pages. I usually pay a couple of bucks for these at the local drugstore.

2. Pack of 8-1/2" X 11" designer computer paper, 40 sheets. The store had a bunch of these packs in different designs so there's a good variety.

3. Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs, hardcover remainder. Original price tag of $17.34 still on the cover. I already own a copy but I'll use this one as a lender.

4. 10 manilla 1/3-tabbed file folders, letter size. I'm setting up a filing cabinet for my daughter so I need lots of these.

5. 2014 pocket weekly planner. Can I ever have enough of these? Probably not.

6. Stretchy school textbook fabric covers. I mentioned in my last Recycle X 5 post that you could probably find these at a dollar store, and here's the proof.

7. Floral pocket notebook, 4.25" X 5.62", 60 ruled pages. Perfect size for my purse, and the elastic band on this one will help hold stuff like receipts and business cards along with my notes.

8. The Gate House by Nelson DeMille, remaindered hardcover. I actually haven't read this one, so a good TBR bargain.

9. Gardens 2014 Calendar duo. One wall-size and one mini. These are actually quite pretty, and comparable to the ones for which you pay ten or twenty times as much at the bookstores.

10. 2014 11"X 17" desk planner/blotter pad. To better organize daily next year I'm going to park this on my work desk, and this one is the exactly right size to fit.

Purchased at my local Dollar Tree on 10/23/13; availability of items will likely vary.


  1. Great finds. You have inspired me to check out our local dollar store. :)

    1. I make regular visits to mine here, Savannah, mainly for the hardcover books. I find almost all of Tor's SF hardcovers eventually make it to Dollar Tree, so it saves me a lot of $$$.

  2. Fran K11:38 AM

    Wow, I never find such great items at our Poundland store. Maybe I'm not rummaging enough. I loved Silver Borne but haven't read the Gate House. I must look out for that one.

    1. The last time I stopped by a Poundland (visiting the cousins over there) they had some kids' books and some cookbooks. That was a while back, though, Fran, so they may have more variety now.


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