Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Site Safety Rating

Webutation is a site that rates any other web site based on how safe its content is. I'm happy to say that PBW rated 100% safe:

They also give you some code for your rating so you can add it somewhere on your site, and it shows up like this:

pbackwriter.blogspot.com Webutation

I found the link to Webutation over on The Presurfer, which also scored a 100% safety rating -- way to go, Gerard!


  1. Very cool! I checked my site as well and was happy to get 100. Thanks for the linkage... ;D

    1. My pleasure, Terlee. I thought it was extremely cool to find this rating service -- makes me feel a bit better, too, as I always strive to keep my content at a safe level for readers of any age group.

  2. What a great tool! I've added it to my website. Thanks!


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