Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Papaya! Art is all about creative abandon, which is why the company regularly produces some of the most unusual journals and notebooks I've found in art and book stores. To quote from their web site:

Everything we make is for the joy of creating and the thrill of sharing ~ Our credo of creative abandon means we believe in a no-apologies policy of answering our artistic impulses. Our promise to you is this: everything we make, we love.

I collect Papaya art journals and notebooks, as they are beautiful and there really is nothing else quite like them on the ready-made for writing market. Here's the latest batch I picked up during my last visit to the art store:

The Gnome Hat journal is 7" X 9" hardcover edition with 160 unlined pages, a ribbon page marker and lay-flat binding. This one works as a sketchbook or journal, and the cover illustration is lovely, mysterious and practically begs to have a story written about it. This is the kind of journal that makes a wonderful gift for an artistic pal but can also serve as a nice reward for yourself, too.

The Dream Catcher is a smaller 5" X 7" version of the Gnome Hat journal that features lined and unlined pages, so it would work well as a travel journal or photo book. I'm going to be a bit more literal and use mine as as dream journal.

Love Who You Are scribble and sketch set offers two 8" X 5" softcover journals, one lined and one unlined, to cover all your artistic bases, while the Light Tomorrow and Inventor mini books at 5-1/2" X 3-1/2" and 32 lined pages are the perfect pocket companions for any journaling or note-taking pursuit.

Pair any of these journals with a nice pen, pack of colored pencils, markers or travel watercolor set and you have a great gift for a creative friend. You can shop for Papaya products at their website, or look for their journals at your local fine art, scrapbooking supply or book stores.


  1. These are beautiful!

    1. Thank you, ma'am -- I love Papaya's design aesthetic; I think they have such a distinctive look to their products that after a while you can recognize them at first glance.


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