Thursday, November 07, 2013

Heart the Paper

When I heard that the folks at Cloth Paper Scissors magazine would be branching out with a new venture, I Heart Paper, I made a point to watch for the first issue to hit the shelves. And while I'm definitely more of a cloth gal at heart, the premiere edition did not disappoint.

I Heart Paper really is all about paper, and how to transform it into primarily 3-D projects like bracelets, sculptures, ornaments, wreaths, etc. There are 32 projects in this issue of the magazine for you paper fanatics, many of which use handmade and recycled papers and some very fun techniques. Some, like this paper topiary, are utterly gorgeous. If you've ever wanted to sculpt a book, fold flowers or form a hat or wreath from paper, this is a mag you don't want to miss.

Collage lovers will find a lot in this issue to inspire them as well. Artist Annie Simcoe's article on how she makes her own paper pairs nicely with instructions on making a decorative collage of the same, and Mary Rork-Watson shows you how to collect found papers and use them to compile artful strip-collage pieces for hanging around the house (I'm thinking of doing the same with all the fabric selvages I've saved over the years.) The magazine is also divided into several themed sections, so if you have some paper fanatic pals you can use this issue to inspire a creative get-together.

Skill levels required for the I Heart Paper projects range from easy to advanced, and while most of the ideas are primarily decorative there are a few that are very writer-friendly. I really liked Catherine Anderson's Photos-in-the-Box collection, which shows you how to creatively show off a bunch of themed photos and/or create an inspirational gift for an artistic friend. I also liked this project for making fortune cookies out of paper (easy plus no calories; a terrific party favor idea.)

If you're bored with scrapbooking, curious about how to creatively recycle variously types of paper, or simply want to take your paper art to the next level, I recommend I Heart Paper as a solid investment and a neat source of new inspiration.


  1. Ooooo, I want this! Now the trick will be to find it!

  2. I got mine at a brick and mortar Barnes & Noble -- Indigo might have it on your side of the border. :)


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