Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Two Things

First Thing: LibraryThing is holding their seventh annual Santa Thing for their members:

"The idea is simple: You pay into the SantaThing system (choose from $15–$45). You play Santa to a LibraryThing member we pick for you—we try to match up similar members—and you select books for them. Another Santa does the same for you, in secret. LibraryThing does the ordering, and you get the joy of giving AND receiving books!

You can sign up as many times as you like, for yourself or someone else. If you sign up for someone without a LibraryThing account, make sure to mention what kinds of books they like, so their Secret Santa can choose wisely."

About the deadlines for the program:

"Sign-ups close Friday, November 29 at 8pm Eastern. Saturday morning, we’ll notify you via profile comment who your Santee is, and you can start picking books. Picking closes Thursday, December 5th at 12pm Eastern. As soon as the picking ends, the ordering begins, and we’ll get all the books out to you as soon as we can."

More details can be had by clicking on the Santa Thing link. This seems like a fun way to give books as well as get some in return, so I've joined in. If you're also inclined to play secret book santa please do check it out.

Second Thing: Today over at Disenchanted & Co. we're steampunking author Sofie Kelly -- and giving away this awesome cat tote filled with her Magical Cat mysteries and other very cool stuff:

If you'd like a chance to win it all, head over to the giveaway post on Disenchanted & Co. for more details.

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