Sunday, April 17, 2011

Watch the Blog Pets

I'm still off writing, but while you're here, would you mind feeding my new fish? (click anywhere inside the tank):

Or feed my new hamster (click inside his cage to give him a snack; click on the center of his wheel to make him take a turn):

Or maybe you'd like to play follow-the-cursor with my new spider:

To get your own fish (or a hamster or a spider or other way cool gadgets) for your blog, check out Adam Bowman's page of widgets here.

(I so swiped this from Gerard over at The Presurfer.)


  1. My kid has the fish on his blog, but I don't think he's seen the hamster. Pretty sure if he had, it'd be on there, too.

  2. I have them in my iGoogle page (I use it as my browser's homepage). I discovered them a while back when I was looking for stuff to "fill" it up :D

  3. Love the fish! I need some fish.

  4. I love the fish! They swarm on the food like real ones. LOL

  5. For some reason I am really liking this follow-the-cursor game. That spider really likes me. I think he thinks we're friends :)


  6. I too have the fish and hamster on my iGoogle page. I didn't know he had a spider, but have you seen the penguins? They're funny. When you click on them, their flightless little wings wave madly up and down.

    I wish he had a way to put them on the desktop, but I haven't found one yet.

  7. As an arachnaphobe, I really shouldn't have clicked on the spider one! Good thing he can't turn around too fast ;)


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