Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bye Bye Bluebirds

Just stopping in to show off some pics I've taken while working on the porch. I know, I should be locked in my office, but I can't help it. The weather is lovely, as is the breeze, plus I can't resist watching the bluebirds.

Eastern bluebirds are great parents, btw. Several times each morning and afternoon I've been watching Mama deliver crickets and other bugs to the quadruplets (not sure what she has in her mouth here, though -- maybe a beetle -- and you can click on this or any image to see a larger version):

Yesterday she stopped the bug deliveries, though, and now just shows up to check on the little ones:

Judging by increased volume and frequency of their cheeping, the kids are getting hungry -- and brave:

And I think I'll have a new vacancy by tomorrow:

Birds are so cool (and I will have something else interesting to show you tomorrow, so stop by if you have a chance.)


  1. These are such a beautiful blue. I've never seen a bluebird. I finally had a pair of Oriels nesting in a tree by the house last year so I had a chance to see them up close.

    I always see the bluebird houses around, there's a big conservation thing for them here, but nope...never seen one. Thank you for the pics. They are awesome!

  2. Geez, they grow up so fast!
    I get quite a few birds, but never a bluebird here. Gorgeous color. Smart mama. ;)

  3. Birds are so cool and we're lucky to have you posting such awesome pics of them. I wish I was faster with my camera or that the Merlin in my neighborhood would hold still for longer.


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