Monday, January 17, 2011

Sub Ops Ten

Ten Things About Submission Opportunities

Sidhe na Daire has an open call for their Bad-Ass Faeries 4 - It's Elemental antho, and are looking for "A collection of unconventional stories about bad-ass elemental faeries with a focus on urban fantasy. Faeries should interact with the human world in some capacity visualized as tough, and for this collection, in a logical profession that is linked to their element: truckers, deep-sea fishermen, cowboys, police, firemen, freedom fighters, crocodile wrestlers, paratrooper, sled-dog driver, etc. We are not really looking for specific known figures from faerie mythology so much as types of faeries from myth and legend with a very clearly defined affinity for one specific element." Length: 4-7K, Payment: "shared royalty (Pay or better)", no reprints, electronic submissions only, see guidelines page for more details. Deadline: July 1, 2011 or when filled.

Gus Ginsburg over at Mimetic Declination has an open call for Bride of the Golem: An Anthology of Humorous Jewish Horror: ". . . stories can employ a new Jewish twist on a mainstream horror theme (e.g. a tale about a Hassidic vampire mohel or about the Lubbavitchers reanimating Rebbe Schneerson). Or they can reinterpret horrific elements in classical Jewish folklore like the Golem or dybbuk. Or they can venture into entirely new territory." Length: 10K or less, Payment: $500. Query on reprints, electronic submissions only, see guidelines for more details. Deadline: May 1, 2011 or when filled.

Australian print magazine COSMOS is accepting SF short stories [and make them good ones, as Ralan says they have very high standards] for both their print and online editions. Length 2-4K, Payment AU$300, no reprints, electronic submissions only, see guidelines page for more details.

The Crimson Pact has an open call for an untitled antho; would like to see spec fic, urban fantasy, mystery, romance, steampunk, and alternate history short stories based on their provided world-building. Length: 1001 words or less, Payment: $10.00, no reprints, electronic submissions only, see guidelines for more details. Deadline: February 15, 2011.

Elektrik Milk Bath Press has an open call for an as yet untitled antho, and report that they are ". . . asking for stories that, in some way, revolve around the ocean. Give us Sirens and Selkies, Mermaids and Monsters, and anything and everything in between. And before you even ask: Yes, we LOVE pirates, really, we do. . . however, this is an extremely picky point with us. This is NOT a pirate anthology; if you send us a pirate story, it had better be good. We really are open to any subject matter. What is important here is that you explore the ocean, its beauty and its horror. That doesn't mean that all the stories have to take place on/in/under the ocean, although we hope at least some of them do; it just means that the ocean has to be a part of the story in some way. Bonus points are awarded for creativity. Super extra bonus points if you show us something we haven't seen. We are open to any genre, including fantasy (dark or otherwise), horror, magical realism, literary, etc. Humor is good too. We are looking for stories that speak to us so give us a good story, and make it well-written. If in doubt, send it along." Length 1-4K (not firm, Payment: $25 per story minimum, query on reprints, electronic submissions preferred, see guidelines page for more details. Deadline: March 31, 2011 or when filled.

Another open call (scroll down on page) from Elektrik Milk Bath Press is for their poetry antho In the Garden of the Crow: "For this project we are looking for original poems that are inspired by fairy tales and old nursery rhymes, and we are particularly open to those poems written with a darker slant. We love all kinds of poetry; humor is great, and we don't mind experimental, but we are very picky about rhyming poetry." Length: any., although 50 lines or less is preferred, Payment: "$.25/line with a $5.00 minimum and one copy of the anthology"

Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine is open to fairy short story submissions that are tailored to their issue themes. Reading periods for issue consideration are only 3 day windows so definitely look at the guidelines. Length: 1-2K (1.5K preferred), Payment: 10¢/word, no submissions accepted from the editor's current students (former students okay), no reprints, electronic submissions only, see guidelines page for more details.

The Library of Horror has an open call for their Malicious Malpractices antho and would like to see ". . . original horror stories featuring Mad Doctors, Medical Science, Surgeries Gone Wrong. Be creative and scary! Creepy and scream worthy! Think outside the box on this one! This will cover ALL medical fields.... conventional, dentistry, elective, etc..." Length: 3-6K (strict), Payment: 1¢/word + copy, no reprints, electonic submissions in specific format only, see guidelines page for more details. Deadline: March 31, 2011.

Tanglewood Press is currently accepting unsolicited middle-grade-YA novel and picture book submissions: ". . . we love nothing more than to discover an unpublished, talented author with a wonderful manuscript begging to be published, or a published author whose latest work has brilliance not recognized by other publishers. We pride ourselves in our author relationships and our support and promotion for the select titles that we publish-in fact, we promise nothing less than total devotion." [Nice. I like their attitude.] Length: no limit mentioned, but Ralan says "none found over 400 pages." Payment: negotiated royalties, no reprints, no electronic submissions. See guidelines page for more details. has an open call for their Triangulation antho; looking for science fiction, fantasy, horror, and any other speculative fiction based on the antho's theme of "Last Contact." Length: 100 words to 5K, Payment: 2¢/word, reprints okay (very selective), electronic submissions only via online form, see guidelines page for more details. Deadline: March 31, 2011.

All of the above submission opportunities were found among the many marvelous market listings at Ralan's place.


  1. Thanks! That Triangulation antho has some of the clearest guidelines I've ever seen. Going to send a story there. Cross fingers for me!

  2. Wow these are some fantastic opportunities! I'm very interested in that fairy tale magazine, it sounds really neat. Thanks for the list of resources, PBW :)


  3. Tanglewood Press is publishing my debut YA novel, ASHFALL. I can't recommend them highly enough. Their process has been wonderful--I've been involved in decisions on the cover art, marketing process and editing that I doubt I would have had much say in at all with a larger publisher. Plus both my advance checks have come EARLIER than promised. They are very selective--they publish 0-8 new titles per year--but if you have a terrific manuscript, by all means send it to them.

  4. Fingers crossed for you, Margaret. TRA, I thought the fairie mag's themes sounded neat (so did the BA Fairie antho.)

    Mike, thank you for stopping in and letting us know about your experience with Tanglewood Press. First-hand knowledge informs like nothing else. They also sound a lot like my new indy publisher, Flux, which has done amazing things for my first YA.


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