Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today I am also guest blogging again, this time over at Word Nerd, where I'll be talking about that little line from Frostfire that spooked me so much. My very kind hosts are also giving away this lovely Kyndred gift basket filled with a signed set of all three Kyndred novels, a mug, hot cocoa, teas, and nibblies:

Stop in if you have a chance and say hi.


  1. Anne V.6:21 PM

    A great story over there! I love that you don't wrestle them into submission and let things sound forced when clearly something else is happening. Probably the reason so many of us love your complex people instead of the cardboard romances that are out there.

  2. Just back from over there to mention the story alone is worth the visit! It's also good those characters decided they had something very interesting to tell you.


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