Sunday, January 30, 2011


I know the very first time I bought a book because of a video was after I watched Kinsey Holley's Kiss and Kin book video; that was also the only time a book video interested me enough to make a purchase -- ever. Alas, Kinsey will now have to share her Got-PBW title, because seeing Brent Hartinger's wry and funny book video for his new novel Shadow Walkers convinced me to buy a copy. The author made me laugh, and the story sounds cool, but I'm pretty sure it was the cat who clinched the sale.

Gerard over at The Presurfer shared a link to a new (or, at least, new-to-me) kind of search engine called Qwiki. I tried it out and it shows you images and tells you via a mechanical? voice some brief information about your search topic (why, I don't know. Since it's image-heavy it's obviously not designed for the visually impaired. Are we supposed to be too lazy to read stuff now?) Although the front page claims Qwiki knows millions of things, it didn't know anything about the first five common terms I searched for, so it may be a few mil short of all-knowing. Since it's based on Wikipedia info it's also likely to be quite inaccurate, so caveat emptor.

Last but not least, I've always been interested in recording my dreams, working them into my stories and otherwise exploring the last inviolate refuge of the imagination. I also see a lot of weird stuff when I'm out hunting for freeware on the internet. Did I ever think those two things would someday intersect? No. You can't hack dreams. Well, guess what.


  1. I tried to go see Kinsey Holley's video again (I remember seeing it before) but she's closed her youtube account. :-(

  2. That's a fascinating dream link!


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