Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Off to Blog Elsewhere

Today I am off to guest blog over at Book Addicts, where I'll be giving a brief history of the Darkyn. My delightful hosts are also giving away this Asian fabric tote filled with a signed set of all seven Darkyn novels:

Stop in if you have a chance and say hi.


  1. I did! And I'm so glad I did!

  2. Keita Haruka12:56 PM

    Oh noes! Those blog editors are SO STOKED (read capitalised text as italics) and so EXCITED! You can just SEE them be all BOUNCY and stuff. :p

    Loved the timeline though. My brain would have suffered a serious meltdown if I had to kmix my series. :p You're a saint!

  3. Anonymous1:46 PM

    I know Alice already said this, but thanks so much for the amazing and generous giveaway! We're delighted to have you and feature your series this month.

  4. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Thank you for the great giveaway.

    Natalie's Mama

  5. Love the timeline. It's fascinating to see how your ideas come together.

  6. That is a very nice prize!

  7. You bet we're excited!! you should have heard the squealing when Lynn said she'd come play with us! I'm still fangirling.


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