Sunday, November 21, 2010

PBW Nation

Gerard over at The Presurfer always finds such cool things online. This time one of his links sent me to's WebEmpires, which visualizes your blog or web site as a country. Naturally I had to see what sort of world power we'd represent:

Break out the strawberry margaritas; looks like we're a nice-size Caribbean island, a bit larger than Montserrat here:

If we all got together one day to hang out, we'd look a bit like this:

While WebEmpires is still tinkering with their demographics feature, we'd probably also have a nice-size international segment in our population:

I like PBW being an island nation: great views, no billboards or tourist traps, no ties to any other/bigger/nastier nations, and lots of visitors who stop by simply to relax and enjoy themselves. Now I wonder if I can string up some virtual hammocks . . . .


  1. As a member of the international segment, currently enjoying the rain in Edinburgh, I'd love a beach-front hammock in PBW Nation. Relaxation, sunshine (but not too hot or humid of course), and excellent reading material. What more could you ask for?

  2. Wow! What it is to be popular, S.!

    Nearly seven and a half thousand, per day. I can imagine the roller coaster of emotions, but you deserve all the kudos and numbers for all your hard work and talent

    Can I... can I come visit your island? Please? December 1 sounds good - I'll need it after the deluge of Nano...

  3. Save me a spot under the palm trees. I'll bring the Coronas.

  4. I'd love a hammock. I'll bring the margarita mix :o)

    BTW, Elizabeth? I'll trade current places with you!

  5. I'll be in the hammock drinking fruit juice.

  6. Haha that is SO cool! :D I like to think of the blog as an island... sounds like the government there is doing really well. :P

    Yes for strawberry margaritas!


  7. I'll bring the hammocks!

  8. Keita Haruka2:14 PM

    Oooh! Does it have a volcano on it? Huge stone heads that mystify archaeologists? I'll have to scout around for a spot to put up my bungalow. I'll be the island's witchdoctor! :D

  9. I'll be hanging out in my hammock near one of the numerous waterfalls sipping my iced tea. :)


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