Friday, November 19, 2010

Heart Warming

Cooking is one of my self-prescribed therapies, and I've already confessed to being something of an emotional baker. So it shouldn't have surprised me when my daughter picked up this cookbook for me (the kid has the gift of spooky timing.)

Author/baker Erin Bolger combines a very funny narrative of her emotional life with simple recipes that literally define making your own happiness. There are so many luscious-looking treats in this one that I may spend the whole winter trying them out on my family. I also love the hilarious titles she bestows on her many baked delights: So Far So Good Bar, Who Needs a Man on Valentine's Day Biscotti, My Eggs Are Not Getting Any Younger Crème Brûlée and I'm So Done With You and The Horse You Rode In On Haystack Cookies. I don't know when I've laughed out loud so much just reading the names of recipes.

The Happy Baker was the perfect book to land in my hands at this moment; I'm definitely going to buy some extra copies to hand out as gifts this holiday to stressed-out friends. I'm also going to send a copy to whoever wins the BookWish for my Sanctuary Reads giveaway as a little something extra to warm up your kitchen and your heart.


  1. LOL! That sounds like a fun book with side benefits. Hope you enjoy your way through her emotional journey.

  2. I am so writing this down on my To-Buy list, it sounds awesome.

  3. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Whether or not I win the Sanctuary BookWish, I am buying this book! I love to bake, but don't get to as much as I want. If the recipes are easy and "real life", then they are for me! Take care!

  4. Another cookbook to drool over! I'm already drooling over Forgotten Skills of Cooking: Time-Honored Ways are Best and Around My French Table. Clearly my plan to return to a size 8 is doomed.

  5. I'm not so much an emotional baker as I am an emotional eater. This book sounds awesome either way. Maybe I'll buy a copy for my daughter so she can bake things for me to eat. =o)

  6. Love that emotional baking. I get it. Great idea for a book. I'd need one full of comfort starches.

  7. Ooh, this looks like such an awesome book! :) Haha I must admit that I am a victim of emotional baking.


  8. This looks wonderful!

    I'm already planning to give away some copies of Wreck This Journal to friends and loved ones this holiday. You have such awesome book suggestions. :D


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