Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Rowan Arrives

Today is the official release day for my novel Dreamveil, the second book in my Kyndred dark fantasy series, which means I am obliged to write a buy my freakin' book post.

We should have some fun with this chore, yes? Let's see, I've already done the ten reasons you should buy or request it list. I know:

Ten Things You Will Not Find in Dreamveil by Lynn Viehl

Angels or Demons. There is a restaurant in the setting that has an angelic name but no connection to the divine or the profane. I hear the food is pretty good, though.

Bite Scenes. Any nipping that occurs during the story is purely incidental and passion-spurred. Said nips do not actually break through any of the characters' skin surfaces, will not save anyone's life, destroy anyone's life or turn them into a blood-dependent immortal.

Brand name female designer clothing/shoes/purses/accessories: My protagonist is poor and couldn't afford them.

Cardboard Secondary Cast: I loved working with these talented imaginary people, but unfortunately all of them flatly refused to take a position by the nearest structure-support divider and make like the covering.

Genetically-altered superhuman villains: Alas, the only bad guys I could persuade to join in this time are strictly human.

Patricia Briggs. My protagonist reads her books, and does comment on them, but the author herself does not actually appear in the story.

Predictable Ending. I try not to do those. But: you already know this about me.

Rap music references: There's a single album title ref to flesh out my graffiti scene, but no real life rap artists were quoted or real buildings defaced during the mention of it.

Secret Babies. A pregnant character does appear briefly in the story, but everyone following the series already knows that baby. Wait, now that I think about it, there's another one but she doesn't actually appear in the story. Except in a flashback. That doesn't count. What?

Usual Suspects. In this novel there are no BDSM dungeons, condoms referred to as foil packets, female deities (wrathful or otherwise), girls cooing over each other's glittery hoohahs, intimacy marathons that last longer than 24 hours, mystical treasures of disturbing origin, pointless quests, shape-shifters who sprout fur, fangs or claws, swords of incredible power, troubling omens, underground or above ground portals to hell, vampire brotherhoods, we-must-have-sex-to-save-the-world scenarios, or weapons of mass destruction. Oh, and absolutely no dragons appear in the story at any time whatsoever (okay, there are a couple of tattoos. But that's all. I swear.)


  1. Okay, please tell me what books have this:

    girls cooing over each other's glittery hoohahs

    magical hoohahs are bad enough.

    glittery ones?


    I want to know what books to avoid.



    I haz my copy of Dreamveil-actually 3... my arc, my finished copy, and an extra that's giveaway.

    Although giving it away will be HARD...

  2. Ebooks are great. Just brought it and downloaded it. Too bad I gotta go to bed as I need to work tomorrow to pay for the book. Can't wait to start it sometime tomorrow.

  3. Wah!? No dragons?? Come on! Hmmm, I wonder how I would decorate my very own BDSM dungeon...will have to run some ideas past the hubby the next time he wants to do a project. Wow, if people really have "intimacy marathons" that last 24 hours then I need to tell him to slow waaaaaaay down.

  4. Anonymous2:39 AM

    Sounds great. I love how you reverse the idea of selling what your book does have and instead tell us what we won't find. Wishing you the best of luck with your new book.

  5. I'm so pleased that release day has arrived. May everyone else also enjoy it muchly!

  6. I have downloaded it. The real reason ebooks are gaining prominence; you can't find the books you want in a bookstore anymore, so if you have to buy online anyway, why not get it immediately instead of waiting for shipping?

  7. Glittery hoohahs? O_o

    I'm so glad you didn't include those! And my copy will be here today :o) But I have to work tonight. *sigh*

    I...um...glittery hoohahs...Okay, I'll bite. I'm with Shiloh and want to know who has those. So I can avoid it of course.

  8. Big congrats on Dreamveil release!

  9. I want to thank you in advance for points 3, 8, 9 and 10.

    Congrats - I'm off to hunt down a copy. Last time the bookstore had pulled them off the shelves to create a display along with other new releases and I had the devil of a time finding it!

  10. Congratulations! This is on top of my summer TBR pile.

  11. Keita Haruka11:20 AM

    Awww! No BDSM dungeons? :( More disturbing...no weapons of mass destruction? So no big bangs then? ;-)

    *runs to go get it* Must...have...

  12. Lol. Great approach.
    Congrats on the official release, Lynn. :)

  13. On my way to Borders!! :)

  14. Congrats on the release of Dreamveil!

  15. Congratulations on the release!

    I bought mine from B&N.com... and then realized that the kindle is once again receiving Penguin books, so I bought it a second time! :D

    I figured you wouldn't mind!

  16. Congratulations on your release date! :D I will be looking for it next time I visit B&N.

    Haha, very clever list. :) Glad to know there are some books still coming out now that defy such cliches.



  17. Congratulations, and I know you're going to have another NYT Bestseller soon!

    So relieved to hear there are no secret babies, human or otherwise. ;-)

  18. YAY! Can't wait to read!

  19. Why pick on dragons? I like dragons. I was born in the year of the dragon. We are great! If I do say so myself. :)

    Just started reading your first book in the Darkyn series. I was disappointed when I came to find out about others in the series. The darkyn.com site is kaput. I thought you must have given up writing (or some other really weird phenomenon). I checked randomly for your name online and found this blog.

  20. My copy is in the mail (it better be). Congratulations and fingers crossed for another NYT entry.

  21. Congrats on release day! I think I will be hitting up a bookstore tomorrow...

  22. Went on a book-buying spree and bought myself a copy, along with a few other books for my reading pleasure. And I've started reading it. It's brilliant. I think Rowan is one of my favorite characters you have ever written.

  23. Like you had to ask. And, it just so happens that Borders is on my route today.

  24. Got my copy at B&N yesterday, started reading last night!

  25. Tou've just reminded me that it's been so long since I've seen a condom, I don't even know how they are packaged...
    Er...um...Happy Release Day, Lynn!

  26. You break my heart with the "no dragons" policy, you really do. But the glittery hoohas? Thank you for sparing me! : )

    I have my (signed!! yeah!!) ARC and a finished cover to read. Once those ARCs are reviewed (the review is up at Bitten by Books, by the way), they go behind glass so no tiny little hands can get ahold of it with their markers. I lost a signed ARC that way and learned my lesson!

  27. That's one thing I love about your Darkyn books - I can never predict what the characters are going to do, and I can never predict how things will turn out.

  28. Guess who was waiting for me on my doorstep when I got home from work! :yay:

  29. But but but but....
    The BDSM dungeons, condoms and intimacy marathons that last longer than 24 hours are the reasons I LOVE your books...
    Good sex...good kink...good plot...who could ask for more?
    I cant wait to read it by the way hehe

  30. Finished the book yesterday and just have to say, I loved the props to Paperback Writer! Got a literal LOL out of me. :D

  31. Patricia Briggs. My protagonist reads her books, and does comment on them, but the author herself does not actually appear in the story.

    So does plugging your own blog fall in this category? :)

  32. OMG - I just finished reading Dreamveil and it was fantastic. It only took me 3 night of "after 3yr old bedtime" and in between "tv shows with the hubby" to finish it and now I find out that I should have Takyn ;) longer to read it because Frostfire won't be out until January?!?! Oh goodness, maybe I'll reread the whole series, slowly. Amazing book though, I love Sean!


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