Thursday, June 24, 2010

Volitional Ten

Ten Things I've Resolved to Do

I will stop comparing Publishing to the Matrix. It was only funny the first couple hundred times.

I will not e-mail my agent about something that I know I cannot accept and that I also know she cannot change. Such paradoxes always give us both a migraine.

I will cease waffling, make a decision about the edits for chapter five scene one, and fix the damn thing, once and for all, so help me God. Or maybe . . .

I will not e-mail the editor of a prominent publication to ask if he happened to misplace his mind along with his ethics. I will instead hope that they are not permanently lost.

I will not go over to the Dark Side. They'd simply trap me into serving their evil overlord, and then for their own twisted amusement force me to wear yellow. Or pink. Or pantyhose. Or yellow and pink pantyhose. Wait a minute. I don't already work for the Dark Side, do I?

I will not marvel at the glaring mistake a colleague made in geography. I haven't been watching the news lately; it is remotely possible that someone actually did relocate that particular city three countries to the left.

I will not write a scalding letter to a newspaper that recently showered glowing praise on people who make money by destroying books. Nor will I burn a stack of that newspaper, take Polaroids of it, send them to the editor and ask if he wants to buy a bag of the ashes for fifty bucks. No matter how much I really, really want to.

I will stop shopping so much online (which is convenient) and drag my lazy self to the bookstore (which I love more.) I hate the drive but once I get there I always think it's worth it.

While at the bookstore, I will buy a copy of the book my daughter's reading right now and read it tonight so we can talk about it when she's finished. P.S. I will make this purchase cheerfully and silently, and refrain entirely from making groaning sounds, sucking noises or telling the whole story to the cashier so she doesn't think I voluntarily read this kind of thing.

When we do talk about said book, I will be respectful of my daughter's love for this particular sub-genre and not air my own less than complimentary opinion of it. Nor will I chide her about how long it takes her to read the book. I will be grateful that she isn't spending all that time watching the television, playing video games, or texting ten thousand variations of "Does he like you? Do you like him?" to her BFF.

So what have you resolved to do lately? Tell us in comments to this post (or if you remain unresolved, just toss your name in the hat) by midnight EST on Friday, June 25, 2010. I will draw one name at random from everyone who participates and send the winner signed copies of my Kyndred novels, Shadowlight and Dreamveil, along with a surprise. This giveaway is open to everyone on the planet, even if you've won something here at PBW in the past.


  1. "it is remotely possible that someone actually did relocate that particular city three countries to the left." LOL Entirely possible... :)

    I've resolved to finish my first draft and start revisions before school starts in August, does that count?

    Great resolutions on your part!

  2. I'm resolved to write as fearlessly and often as I did when I was younger. I want to write the story that has been circling around inside my head since I moved and make it novel length.

  3. I've resolved to take my mum out for a nice birthday lunch on Saturday (my brothers live too far away)

  4. Hannabel5:54 AM

    I so want to know what your daughter's reading now...

    My resolutions for the day are to ring my mother, to reshelve the three heaps of books I've left by my bed, to edit at least one page of my WIP and to finish the job application I've been playing at for the last two weeks.

  5. I will stop worrying so much and spend more time playing with my kids. Things will work out.

    I will stop spending so much time on the computer and more time reading.

    I will stop buying so many books online and start clearing out my TBR pile. When I have made a dent there, then I will get more books.

    I am going to put some variety in my workouts so that I can continue to get in better shape so that my 40's will be healthier than my 30's.

  6. My goal this summer is to walk at least 5 days a week and not have any soft drinks.

    My other resolution is to finish two crocheted dragons in time for the Renn Faire.

    I would resolve to be a nicer person, but with the extra heat that is next to impossible.

  7. Marcia7:21 AM

    I resolve to spend less time working and more time:

    ... with my daughter.
    ... reading.
    ... writing.

  8. I resolved to re-read the first 9 StarDoc books before Dream Called Time arrives - only have half of Crystal Healer left to go! (And even though this time I know what's coming at the very end of Crystal Healer...hell, it still doesn't make it any easier. I cannot WAIT for Dream Called Time.)

    I've also resolved to try drafting the MG story idea that's been rattling around in my head lately.

    And I've resolved to notice nature more, to appreciate its marvels, and to try to share that with my kids, especially on after-dinner walks.

  9. I resolved to write my first draft on paper, simply because that makes it that much harder to keep going back and deleting entire paragraphs. Meaning, I'll start saving that part for later (I'll probably regret this decision when the time comes to copy the whole thing to the computer though).

  10. rofl at the geography mistake and I know the feeling about kids choices vs parents. I resolve to finish up our scrapbook for our trip to the grand canyon by the end of July

  11. What have I resolved to do in the near future?

    Finish my WIP.
    Revise my other novel so I can stick it on a shelf and never look at it again.
    Complete the business plan I started last week.
    And get myself ready for my dance troup's performance next week. Noooo, I'm NOT nervous At. All.

  12. I've resolved to keep working on stories while I am waiting to hear on the proposals, instead of bouncing off to something new.

  13. I will not complain about the patrons at work, no matter how rude or ignorant they are.

    I will find time to write today even if I have to lock myself in the bathroom for an hour.

  14. Anonymous10:30 AM

    I resolve to not procrastinate with my Anatomy/Physiology homework to the point where I am cramming it all in last minute (really struggling with this class!).

    I resolve to keep up after the litter box daily (with 7 cats, it's a must!).

    I resolve to begin horseback riding again by the end of summer (something I haven't done since 11/21/09 because I lost my baby, Duke!). Along with this, I resolve to not always look at my remaining horse, Murphy, and wish he was Duke.


  15. I will get back on the diet, immediately, now that my stressors are gone.

    I will write one page, just one page, of fiction every weeknight. Once this becomes a habit, I will increase it to two pages.

    I will walk to the bean field and back every other day.

    I will turn off my desktop computer so that I'm no longer seduced by facebook games and chat rooms. And I will turn it off as soon as I finish this comment. ;)

  16. I resolve to eliminate clutter from my desk.

  17. I resolve to be pleasant and courteous to everyone at work.

    I also resolve to walk 4-5 days every week and increase the length of the walk to 2 miles by August 1. (Going to convention as my vacation may postpone that goal by a week)

  18. Keita Haruka12:20 PM

    To write at least ONE story every month, or if it's a long one, at least one chapter per month. read at least one book per month even if I have to download it from a free library.

  19. I'm in my 1st trimester, and every single morning I resolve to be *nice today* ;0) It's not easy being nice and pregnant at the same time, at leat for me.
    Also, I finished Dreamveil last night and it was awesome. sauce. I loved every moment - and Meridan: Holy. Moly.

  20. I've resolved that this will be the summer I finally put together a balcony container garden. I want my own fresh herbs darn it! and be able to sit out there and enjoy pretty flowers and plants. Let's hope my black thumb goes on summer holiday for the time being *grin*


  21. I've determined to write, something, daily. Hopefully fiction, and hopefully more than a paragraph, but I'm not setting minimums yet. Just WRITE.

    Good luck your your resolutions! They sound rather more ambitious than mine. Especially the one about the Dark Side. They keep tempting me with cookies.

  22. I'm determined to get a friend to read your work so I can call and talk about it with them. ^_^

    I'm resolved to be a better housewife and mother.

  23. I resolve to keep my sh!t together tomorrow when I accompany my husband to the cancer care center for his first appointment, where we will learn What This Means.

    That's going to take everything I have, right there.

  24. I resolve to quit eating out so much simply because it's easier and cook meals at home more often.

    I'm with Hannabel...would love to know what your daughter is reading. :)

  25. I resolve to stop beating myself up over my weight. I didn't gain all the weight in one day and it will take much longer to get the weight off.

  26. Hello Ms. Viehl :)

    I resolved to give up diet soda and caffeine about two months ago. I drank a LOT of the stuff! I'm proud to say I haven't had a single diet soda - but I have had caffeine a couple of times.

    :) Abby

  27. I resolve to quit focusing so much on other peoples' books and focus more on my own. My reviewing needs to take a back-seat to my writing at least once a month. : )

  28. I would also love to know what your daughter is reading. :) Or at least said sub-genre.

    1) I'm going to completely throw out and start over with the first 7-8 chapters of my novel.

    2) I'm going to limit my blog reading to less than 4 hours a day...

    3) I will stop shrugging off my non-writing-related obligations, such as saving our poor zucchini plant from weeds, or my homework, or my editing job.

    And, since resolutions are made to be broken:

    4) I'm going to start going to the gym at least twice per week.

  29. Kristen S.3:05 PM

    Resolve to get a baby blanket crocheted before the baby to be is five years old. And to stick with writing this time.

  30. I resolve to start packing or I will never leave Florida.

    I resolve to get outside this summer and do something fun.

  31. I resolve to get the sewing project that I've been putting off DONE and gone.

    I resolve to spend less time on the computer after work and more time with my family.

    I resolve to keep paying attention to what I'm putting in my body and not go back to my old habit of stuffing in whatever sounds good and then wondering how the heck I got my extra chin. :-)

    I resolve to be the person God wants me to be. Or at least be in that process, daily.

  32. Liz B5:29 PM

    My little sister (who is in college) and I have been housesitting for our parents while they are on vacation for two weeks. We have spent the first week doing nothing but sleeping, waking up to eat and watch TV shows that we TiVo'd so that we could sleep whenever we wanted, and then sleep some more. I wasn't even this bad when I was in college. She and I have resolved to not spend the remaining week doing this.

  33. Anonymous6:28 PM

    I resolve to stop resenting my college brother and accept that he still sucks with money and help him pay his rent- even if it's 500 dollars I don't have.

    I resolve to finish my novel this year- NO MATTER WHAT because having a novel that's only 3/4 finished is both disheartening and finger tingling.

    I resolve to love whatever birthday present my father gets me tomorrow- even if it's something horrible...because he's my dad and he loves me...even if I don't love the neon pink mariatchi guitar he got me last year. -_-

    I resolve to stop cheating on my diet and possibly pick up a set of weights.

  34. I resolve to work out with my wii at least three times a week (probably more)
    I resolve to plan my meals more and eat at McD's much less (not many options close enough to go out to eat and get back within the hour break).
    I like Tammy's idea of writing one page a day and then work up to two, so I'll borrow that (even if I am rewriting a book).
    I loved Dreamveil, great characters.

  35. Allison A8:29 PM

    I resolve to finish one short story by Sunday night. I have six hours of a train ride that day so it's not like I'm going to have an excuse if I miss this goal. I resolve to finish my novel editing course and rewrite my novel, so that I actually like what I wrote. I resolve to do this by September.

    I'm getting a little nervous just writing this. What happened to my spine of steel?

  36. I resolve to making a budget and sticking to it.

    I also resolve to make a dent into my TBR pile.

  37. I resolve to just shut up and finish the damn story I'm trying to tell -- and worry about whether or not it makes sense later.

  38. I resolved to renovate my quest novel, and cut out everything that doesn't apply to character motivation or the quest, no matter how much I love that scene. ;-)

  39. Renee M.11:28 PM

    I resolve to NOT ask my coworker if - while doing surgery - he accidentally gave himself a lobotomy.

    I resolve not to expect my terrier to listen to me when he sees a squirrel. Or child. Or car. Or tall grass blowing in the wind.

    I resolve to only look - maybe drool a little - at the chocolate my husband 'hid' in the cupboard.

  40. I'm going to stop shopping in order to feel better. I will stop cleaning the house in order to avoid paying bills and I will be more organized with said bills so I won't freak out every month when it comes time to pay them I will also wake up early and excersize. Ha who am I kidding....

  41. "I will cease waffling, make a decision about the edits for chapter five scene one, and fix the damn thing, once and for all, so help me God. Or maybe ..."

    The story of my life! I must have spent two week reviewing my outline. I need to press for finality and actually start writing.

  42. I resolve to eat no chocolate or potato crisps for the next three months, in order to fit comfortably into my kilt for our daughters' weddings in the autumn.

    I resolve to find more reasons to like a certain someone, to explore common ground with him rather than keep prodding at the obvious areas of conflict.

    I resolve not to write anything during my wife's birthday tomorrow.

  43. I resolve to read more, watch TV less, sit out on my patio on nice days more, eat less junk food, and appreciate life all the time.

  44. I will stop worrying about how techologically inept I am.
    I will stop worrying about what people will say when they conclude I can't write worth shit...

  45. I resolve to get back to a writing schedule of two hours a day, even if all I do is stare at a blank 'page'. It doesn't mean I'm not working.

    I resolve to use the exercise equipment three days a week that my husband bought in a fit of insanity and proceeded to use. Twice. Someone has to benefit from it, right?

    I resolve to let my DD2's escapade at being arrested go in one ear and out the other. She's over 21. I can't save her.


    I resolve to remember to thank God every time said DD2 is allowed to leave the police station because it's her friends who get in trouble and she's just a bystander. yup...and I have a bridge...

    I resolve to have a cleaner house.

    I resolve to stop losing my mind thinking I'll ever have a cleaner house...

    I think I really need to stop resolving to resolve things. It gives me a headache.

  46. I resolve to dump the kids on my husband and take a nap, instead of just feeling sorry for myself because I want to and haven't.

    I resolve to actually take a nap, instead of reading on my kindle or playing Lord of the Rings online or organizing my digital photos or updating my blog or watching something or other on netflix.

  47. I really shouldn't enter this since I've already got Dreamveil and Shadowlight, but um... I love your surprises. So I'm entering. *G* If I win, I can always use those books as giveaways, right? And keep the surprise?

    My resolution is the same it's been since nov/dec. Losing weight. I'm now 29 pounds from my goal-51 pounds off. I can get the rest of this damn weight off. Growl.

  48. I have resolved to take control over the space in my house called 'my office' and get it under control by ruthlessly ridding myself of out-of-date and unneeded papers, files, junk, etc.

    Oh yes I will! LOL!

    Terri B

  49. I resolve to renew my membership at the gym and then use it (after all, I can read while I use the cardio equipment).

  50. I resolve to do what I need to do to get the writing done, even though that means adjusting my hours because my natural writing time is at night.

    I also resolve to... ahem... stop putting 'Wordless Wednesday' photos on my writer blog. *blush*