Monday, June 21, 2010

Cool Gen Ten

Ten Things About Online Generators

Spin Andrew Bosley's The Brainstormer and get three random, interesting concept starters.

Conspire allows you to customize a random and hilarious conspiracy theory with victims, conspirators, plots, heroes and locations (or leave the fields blank for random paranoia.)

I never thought I'd look for (or find) a horse name generator, but guess what? Found one.

You can find almost any kind of generator over at Generatorland, like this Plot Generator. Or register and make your own.

For those moments when you need some emotional inspiration, try Julia West's Random Character Moods Generator.

Need some ideas for a Christian speculative fiction story? Try Where the Map Ends's Random Story Generator.

Short Story Ideas has a gender customizable Character Name Generator, a First Line Generator, a Random Word Generator, a Scenario Generator, and a Title Generator.

You can only generate 1 idea at a time (the # customizer doesn't seem to work) but don't let that stop you from trying out the Steampunk Random Story Generator.

Dear Computer's Story Creator allows you to input a subject word and read the results in English or Dutch.

The Story Idea Generator gives you two noun combinations to inspire (on my first couple of tries I got tomb fairy, breath shell, memory light and tornado heart, all of which gave me story ideas, so handle with care.)


  1. These are awesome. Thanks for sharing! (though it's 11pm and I should really get back to my not going to happen now.) :)

  2. Great list, thanks. You might also check out This builds a random story based on the site's amazing trope database. Be warned though it's an incredible time sink.

  3. This is fantastic. Thanks so much for posting these!

  4. I always love the generators you find! I think it's a (not so) hidden talent of yours. I can never seem to find such cool ones on my own.

  5. How fun!!! I'm off to go play with some of these :)

  6. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Favorite Horse names...Naked Rush, Cheeky Face, Raspberry Chaser (sounds like a drink!), No Rocket, Fluffy Passage, Cool Horse, Woody Dream, Frizzy Elf and Cutthroat Outhouse.

  7. Fun, fun! Thanks for sharing these. I'll have to go try them out!

  8. Anonymous11:57 PM

    Another good random word generator can be found here:

    Random word generator

    Allows you to do some funky things with the words you get.


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