Monday, March 01, 2010

Fire Me Up Ten

Ten Things to Fire and Inspire the Imagination

Ancient Calendars walks you through the history of timekeeping and (if you're not careful) might spark from story ideas.

What are the basic emotions? Experts don't always agree, but skip them and scroll down to check out the tree-structured list of primary, secondary and tertiary emotions.

Because earthly thoughts don't always do the trick: Julia West's Cosmic Thoughts generator.

Imagination Frequent Fliers:'s Fantastic Out of This World Fantasy Pics.

Who says hairstyles are boring? Not the folks at The Costume Gallery's Hairstyle History archive.

Help yourself to 2,382 plot starters at Hatch's Plot Bank.

OneLook's Reverse Dictionary will take a word or concept you type in and compile a list of definitions and links related to it.

More visual stim, courtesy of 40 of the Prettiest and Fairest Images You Will Ever See in Your Life.

I dare you to play here and not be inspired: Steven Savage's Seventh Sanctum.

"Vicissitudes depicts a circle of figures, all linked through holding hands. These are life-size casts taken from a group of children of diverse ethnic background." Oh, and P.S., they're exhibited on the bottom of the ocean.

All of the above links were pilfered from the amazing online writing linkage library that is Margaret Fisk's Writing Links


  1. I find the plot bank very amusing. I can imagine using it while writing a Nano type novel, where anything can happen as long as the word count is up. "And then...and then...Grandma robs a bank!" (Type, type, type.) That should be good for another 2000 words.

  2. Good stuff, Lynn! I really liked the emotion tree.

  3. I love the calendar site! (she says as she tries to type around a doberman nose...*sigh*)


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