Saturday, March 27, 2010

Not My Fault

Someone e-mailed me a link to the announcement of a Kensington mentorship/writing competition called "Writing with the Stars" and asked if I had anything to do with it. Ah, no, sorry. Evidently this is a real contest, and wholly unrelated to the parody Writing with the Stars that I wrote almost exactly one year ago.

Of course someone at Kensington could have rifled through my archives, but given the scalding tone of that particular parody, I rather doubt they nicked the idea from me.

Also, please note that any resemblance between my Writing with the Stars post and the quality of the actual mentorship involved in the Kensington contest should be considered merely coincidental and by no means another demonstration of psychic abilities that I assure you, I do not possess.


  1. *boggles* I think you are psychic.

  2. Keita Haruka12:34 PM

    Mmm...yeah...I totally believe you about the psychic abilities. :P


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