Monday, June 30, 2008

Words X Ten

Ten Things to Do with Words

Feed a list of words to Create Your Own WordSearch and it will make a word search puzzle out of them for you.

The Heretical Rhyme Generator will "write a little poem just for you, as long as you give it the first line."

Create crossword puzzles for your blog, web site, newsletter or just for fun with the Instant Online Crossword Puzzle Maker.

Pick a Magnetic Poetry Kit lets you play online with six different poetry-creating kits.

The Random Name Generator gives you a list of random male or female names based on the U.S. Census; you can specify the beginning letters of the names you want to see.

Paperback Writer: one size does NOT fit all -- this (slightly corrupted) slogan was manufactured over at the
Slogan Generator.

P Plain Educational Block B W -- brought to you by EriK Kastner's Spell with Flickr generator.

The Word Constructor can help you create new words based on those you input.

Design your own Wordpress theme without messing with HTML, JS, or PHP with the Wordpress Theme Generator.

WriteExpress Online Rhyming Dictionary will take your word and find beginning, end, double or last or first syllable rhymes for it.

Some of these links were shamelessly swiped from The Generator Blog.


  1. From the name generator:

    . . . for example, "Beverly" in the UK is generally considered a female name, but not so in the USA.

    Wha . . . ?


    Thanks for the resources. I bookmarked a couple. Here's a name generator I sometimes use, when I want a name that sounds contemporary.

    I like that you can set the gender, and that it generates fake addresses too. (Yes, all the information is fake, though it looks extremely plausible.)

    Their Latino names are laughably bizarre, though.

  2. a particularly fun bunch of word stuff this week. Thanks.


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