Monday, June 02, 2008

Five Oddities

For birthdays and holidays, my daughter invariably gives me something with Sanrio's Chococat on them: notebooks, coin purses, mousepads, cell phone holders, pencil cases, etc. Everyone thinks this is so sweet of her, and have no idea that I actually adore Chococat and I don't care if I'm too old for this stuff.

I have some sort of natural aversion to purple-colored food, because I can't stand beets, turnips and eggplant. I don't care how nutritious or good for you they are; they're not allowed in my house. All of my favorite flowering plants, on the other hand, are purple.

I grow my own oregano, basil and cayenne peppers. I love to cook with fresh herbs instead of dried, but I mainly grow the peppers because they're so damn cute (this will only make sense if you've ever watched cayenne peppers grow.)

I rarely own more than two or three pairs of shoes at any given time. I hate shopping for shoes so much that I only buy new shoes when I wear holes through the soles of old ones. I am crazy about fuzzy socks and slippers, though, and probably have fifty pairs of them.

A palm reader at a fair once pointed out that the lines at the base of my left hand thumb and fingers form a W, X, Y, and Z (and they really do, in that order.) Under my left pinkie, the lines form a star. She had never seen anything like it and no idea what it meant.

What are some of your oddities?


  1. I have a great many oddities, including liking bananas and strawberries a lot but hating most things flavored like bananas or strawberries, but those close to me always point out one physical oddity: I have no uvula. It was cut out when I was eleven.

  2. I never buy smoothies outside unless I can tell them what I want in it myself. Pureed bananas are just disgusting--though I like banana cake and fritters.

    I have tiny feet. I wear size 2/3, if I'm lucky. When I'm out shoe-shopping, I always feel like a child trying on her mother's shoes. One would think that I would be like PBW and her 2-3 shoes oddity, but thankfully, that's not the case.

    I'm a writer, and I never ever want to write full time.

  3. I wonder how many people reading your post are earnestly checking the lines at the base of their thumb and pinkie.

  4. I have runner's toes (2nd toe longer than big toe). Which is not uncommon in runners.

    I hate leaving anything incomplete, so partials for proposals make me twitch.

  5. I am a Capricorn. My four best friends are all Geminis. Since the odds are only one in twelve for each person, and multiplied by four, it goes into very long odds, I think that counts as an oddity.

    It almost makes me think there is something to this astrology business.

  6. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Oh, Lynn, you're not the only adult over 30 Chococat lover! I have a purse and cell phone holder. Sometimes Choco is very hard to find, but there is a great toy store here in Jax at The Landing and I call them for updates!

    Other oddities in my life could include the amount of books I own. Hmm, well, maybe that's not odd to this group of people. However, my niece did just ask me the other day why I had so many vampire books. Hard to explain to a nine year old.


  7. Anonymous1:17 PM

    I hate having my picture taken.

    I don't handle compliments very well, but I love to talk about myself, my kids... ;)

    I don't much care for eggs.

    I only eat hamburgers if I make them.

    I love burnt...or at least very well browned cheese...


  8. I'm glad I'm not the only woman completely devoid of the supposed feminine love for shoes. That said, I do own more than two or three pairs of shoes, but I'll wear them literally until they fall apart and will be furious when they do.

    But I utterly loathe shopping for shoes. If I am ever arrested for rioting in a shop, it will be a shoe shop and I will probably have been caught hurling unwearable shoes with ridiculous heels and pointy toes at patrons and staff.

  9. Anonymous12:49 AM

    I don't' know if this comes from playing too many video games in my youth but, when I make the thumbs up hand gesture, I can bend the top joints of both my thumbs back until they are completely horizontal.


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