Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wanted Changes

*Note 9/3/10: Since instituted an access fee scam to charge people for downloading e-books, including those I have provided for free for the last ten years, I have removed my free library from their site, and no longer use or recommend using their service. My free reads may be read online or downloaded for free from Google Docs; go to my freebies and free reads page for the links. See my post about this scam here.

The link for my Darkyn short story Wanted has changed as the old one no longer works (long story); I've corrected the link on the sidebar. Vampirechick, if you're out there, you should be able to access it now with no problem.

Scribd has also selected the new upload of Wanted as one of the documents in the Featured section of their homepage. According to the site info, featured documents are "documents that our editors have deemed to be high quality, and adds significant value to Scribd's collection of documents." Thank you for the very nice compliment, Scribd editors -- hopefully the story lives up to that sterling rec.

Also, I know I promised you guys Ravelin, and it's almost ready; I'm quibbling over a couple of details, story order, and whether to make it one volume or two. I've already got five stories, one that's almost a novel by itself, and there are four more I'd like to add including an almost-finished sequel to Red Branch (this if I can squeeze in a little recreational writing this week.) I didn't realize if I put together all the Ravelin stories I think are worth reading that the final e-book would be 500+ pages in length, but it is. Since I know that will take forever to upload/download, I'm thinking two volumes might be a bit more manageable.

Now a question -- for the Left Behind & Loving It workshops at the end of July, I plan to give away my usual goodie bags of books and stuff, but shipping is getting outrageously expensive, so I thought I might try an alternative to get more for my bucks. What do you all think if I give away some online bookseller e-mail gift certificates this time, say for half of the workshop giveaways?


  1. Anonymous12:19 AM

    LOL... you're talking to a bunch of booklovers.

    We all love book money. Even better is book money that we win.

  2. Makes me wish that I was staying behind. ;)

  3. My thoughts are two Ravelin books and yes to book tokens. Congratulations on the 'Wanted' exposure.

  4. Try getting ones that don't expire?

  5. I'd stay for the workshops, with or without goodies, but book money is always nice.

  6. Ravelin; in 1 volume or 2, I'll be downloading! Whatever's easiest. And book money is always welcome. Stands to reason anybody who hangs out here probably shops online, too.

  7. Anonymous8:07 AM

    When I think "PBW Left Behind Workshop," I don't think "Yay, prizes!" so much as "chewy-delicious writing talk."

    So...yeah. Whatever's easiest for you and your generous heart. :)

  8. i've downloaded bigger things than a 500 page ebook so whatever size it is will be awesome.

    Honestly, i love winning books as prizes but love gift certificates for books even more. then i know i'm going to get a book i'll enjoy.

  9. Anonymous9:12 AM

    I think it is a great idea. But I think too that you wouldn't need to give away anything more than you already are giving...your time!

  10. Anonymous10:36 AM

    I love the workshops. I don't come for the books. Wow. I never thought I'd say that... :)

  11. What they said.

    Goodies are cool, but I'd hang out just for the workshops.

  12. Book Money...Love that and we could save gas buy shopping on line!
    Man our we Green or what?

  13. Where I live, downloads are delivered by Rock Doves, but unless there are lots of images, even a 500 page PDF is manageable.

    I say do what is easiest for you.

    I also have to agree with others here regarding the prizes: the workshops are the big prize, and who among us would be upset by book money?!

  14. Your generosity is already overwhelming! Do what works for you!.

    Looking forward to Ravelin, however it comes out.


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