Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Series, Done

My editor has approved the revisions for Stay the Night, so Robin's book is finished. Because I also wrapped up quite a few storylines in this one, including that of the series protagonists, Alexandra and Michael, I'm going to consider these seven books as a finished set. This is not to say I'll never write another story about the Darkyn or the characters from these novels, as I've discussed future possibilities for both with my editor, but as a series, I feel this one is complete.

Look at it this way: if I get hit by a truck tomorrow, only my StarDoc readers will be pissed (and not for long; all my notes, outlines and plans for book ten are completed; I just have to write it after I get Crystal Healer out of here next week.)

Most writers will keep banging out a series as long as they can sell the books, especially if they're successful and bring in a lot of bucks. Publishers encourage this because they like to make money, too. But I think in the long term this limits the writer and exhausts the readership. We've all read the series that should have ended three, four, or even ten books back.

I didn't want that for Darkyn. Certainly I could have dragged it out for quite a few more books, given the number of characters who would have made great protags and the fertile storylines that kept wanting to breed on me. Still, I like that I was able to write what I wanted in seven novels. For lack of a better description, it just feels right. And if I never write anything that sells as well as these seven books have/hopefully will, I won't regret it. I'll just write Darkyn the Next Generation. I'm kidding.

Or am I?

Hmmmm. You'll just have to wait and see.


  1. I'm not sure if I feel happy or sad---maybe a little of both. I totally understand the reason you wrapped up the series with Stay the Night and since I read a lot of series (some between 10 and 20 books now ) I like the idea of having resolution more and more these days.

    On the other hand, I would more than welcome Darkyn the Next Generation if you decide to write it in the future. : ) I am sure whatever you write next will be a winner!

  2. Anonymous1:21 AM

    Man, I'm gonna get depressed.

    You're taking Cherijo from me.

    You're taking Darkyn from me.

    I hope you got something else good brewing to help me in my moment of darkness.

  3. Well, I understand the desire to have the series finite (I agree with it for my own writing, not that I've finished a series yet... just I've planned finite sets of books). However, I will be sad to see the Darkyn end.

  4. Tease. ;)

    Congrats on the approved revisions!

  5. Sniffle. I'll hold out hope for Darkyn TNG. And we already know you can come up with plenty of other StarDoc universe tales. I'm sure the sense of completion is very satisfying creatively, though.

  6. All good things do come to and end. Although I will miss seeing new books in those series, it is much better to end them at the appropriate time, than to continue them and "water them down".

    One good example is Anthony Piers Xanth series. The first 3 or 4 books are really good, but the others are no where near the quality of the first ones.

    I'm sure that you have other great books waiting to be written, and I look forward to reading them when they arrive.

  7. Ending a series on a high note, at a satisfying place, instead of pulling every last ounce out of it and dragging it to an end of diminishing returns?

    You are my hero!

  8. While I'm sad to see the end of the Darkyn, it's nice that the series isn't going to be dragged out forever. Since I'm not an author, I can't imagine what it's like deciding to end a series, but as a reader I can appreciate ending the series on a high note.

  9. Anonymous10:09 AM

    As a reader, it's kind of like hearing your friends are moving away to Timbuktu, with no internet, phone, or return ticket.

    But as I writer, I'm very happy for you. Not only have you written good stories with people we love, but you have had the success of making it a career, and then happily, being able to have a sense of completion with a group of projects. :)

    And, as a reader, I look forward to what you have in store for us now!


  10. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Wow. I'm stunned. I knew you were thinking about "the end" of the series from posts and remarks you've made in the past year, I understand your reasoning. You do not want to diminish the quality of your work by dragging out the storyline. For that, I thank you. I have read all of your books and know that you take pride in your work. Another author I read finally stopped writing books in one of her series. I believe she did it 6 books too late. As long as I have hope for future snippets, e-books, etc. about the Darkyn, I'll be happy. Take care, Lynn!

    Tami Kennedy

  11. ITA with Margaret Yang and Casee about ending on a high note. Thanks for all the hours of Darkyn reading pleasure. I've reread the first 5 books multiple times. Your writing style works so well for me that I'm OK with whatever you decide to do about DNG.

    Cheers -

  12. What Margaret Yang and Julie B said.

    Congrats. I look forward to satisfying conclusions on these series and for what follows.

  13. You are still giving us the E-book around Halloween, right? LOL!

    Seriously though, I would rather have 7 great novels from you than 27 crappy ones. I am reading a series by an author that is 139054985* books deep and it is very exhausting.

    I just hope you don't kill off anybody we have grown to love.

    *Not really that many, but close.

  14. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Good for you! I prefer a limit to the series I read, something with a definitive resolution to the overall arc.

    So what's on the plate next then, series-wise? Moving into any new genres ;-)

  15. Anonymous1:01 PM

    As long you you don't ignore the "biracial" aspect of the story Alexandra's acceptance and her brother's denial I'll be OK ...maybe? I luv how you worked this into the story line and am waiting to see your resolution. What a coincidence that Alexandra is from Chicago, Obama is from Chicago.Did you know something years ago the rest of the country didn't?


  16. I'm sad to think of the series finishing, but I'm eager to see what you'll do next. However, until that Star Doc book is done no crossing the road by yourself...just in case.

  17. I shall relish every Darkyn word. I have loved the series so far and appreciate a proper end in its prime. I hope for ebooks and perhaps a next gen :) but I appreciate an proper ending, because of the tied up loose ends and because I have read too many series that have just petered out and left me sad and frustrated.

    I look forward to the last book... I guarantee it will be opened with love, read with interest and excitement, tucked onto the keep shelf, passed on to friends and family, and reread in the future.


  18. I agree with Tami. I'd love to see some snippets every now and then, but I'm glad you're ending it when it feels "right" and not when it's too late.

    Congrats on the revisions and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

  19. Whilst I think it's a good idea that this series will be wrapped up and questions answered, plotlines resolved.

    I won't fib and say that my fingers aren't crossed for a standalone Richard book somewhere in the future.

  20. Anonymous5:51 PM

    While on the one hand I am sad to see it come to a close, I can also understand you want to end it when it feels done. But I would always welcome a return to the Darkyn world, (pretty please, someday, maybe?). And I am sure you want to try your hand at something new, which I will look forward to. I am so glad you wrote the Darkyn and shared them with us.

  21. I understand, but I don't have to like it.

    And I thought you might like this-

  22. I can't wait to see what you create for us next.

  23. Anonymous10:51 PM

    OK, I understand but I can always hope. I can't wait!!!

  24. Well, it's a very sad day for me. It was one of the few series out there worth reading. But I cannot say I don't understand or approve the move. It's one of the series worth reading precisely because the others series I read have dragged the resolution for so long, with such contrived plots to make them last, that they are no fun anymore. Yours, on the other hand, keeps the spicy taste of adventure and the thrill of a good reading.
    I'll be waiting for your new projects. I'd love a Darkyn TNG.

  25. All excellent series end where they should - with the plots resolved, the characters hap... uh, ending up where they're supposed to and the villains, the same - whether good or bad, the ending has to be appropriate to the story.

    And I'm pretty sure you've got something else up your sleeve. Writers have to move on, just as characters do. (Are you paying attention, certain-writer-of-a-paranormal/turned-porn-genre?)

    Question: are you as addicted to writing as we are to reading your work?

  26. While I'm certainly sad to think of no more Darkyn novels to look forward to, I certainly understand your need to move on. ESPECIALLY since you've tied up the loose ends and given these wonderful characters their happy endings. I have been a fan since I discovered the very first story. I've been lucky enough to review a couple of these amazing novels and have recommeneded them to many, many friends (and strangers standing in bookstores). I'll continue looking for more great stories by you Lynn. Thanks so much for all the amazing tales you've given us to enjoy time and time again.

    Stay true to your muse!

  27. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Say it ain't so. Your series is the ONLY vampirish one that has NEVER dissappointed me!!!

    Please reconsider writing Richard's story, Darkyn's beginnings to Alexandra, a complete arc.

    I really thought after last book you were working to redeem Richard somehow, well not totally redeem but at least explain how he became such a deadly king.

    As for Darkyn: TNG - think of it as me pleading instead pull a Lucas and give us the PREQUEL!!!?

    Seriously thanks for hours of pleasure reading and re-reading a series that NEVER got dull, never once rewrote my favorite HEROINE and kept a romance alive and developing through EVERY SINGLE book.

    A faithful reader,

  28. Of course it is always sad to see a series come to an end. However I have to applaud you and other authors who know when they want to end something and go through with it.

    There are always short stories for anthologies you could write about the Darkyn and I hope that you will start some new project which will appeal to me as much as the Darkyn did.

    I look forward to reading and reviewing the last Darkyn novel on my site.

  29. Lynn -

    Sad, so sad.

    As a writer, I understand your innate integrity to your stories, but as your reader, I'm sad...


  30. I have adored this series from the first day I stumbled onto it.

    It was a refreshing change and take on the whole genre as far as I was concerned.

    I look forward to the last installments.


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