Monday, June 16, 2008

Fun with Generators

Ten Generators to Have Fun With

1. With Lore Sjöberg's Acronym Interaction, Expansion and Extrapolation Engine, I discovered my initials could also stand for Serial Library Viewer.

2. The British Town Name Generator, for those times when you need folksy-sounding places like Hookerchurch, Merseyside or Crickhead, Oxfordshire.

3. has a pretty interesing bunch of generators, including this one for old names.

4. Phillip Riley's homepage includes a wide variety of ethnic name generators.

5. If you need something to happen other than two guys with guns bust into the room, try one of the 329 suggestions offered by Michael Eidson's Event Generator.

6. Dire Press, home of one of my favorite Fractal World Generators, also offers a Fantasy Name Generator with ten different types and dozens of type choices as well as a very cool Star System Generator.

7. To convert perfectly good text into gibberish on a six-stage scale ranging from a bit mixed-up to totally incomprehensible, try the Gibberish Generator.

8. Need to mutate into something other than human? Test drive's Mutation Generator.

9. I don't know quite how to describe what this random word generator -- it gobbles up large lists of words and turns them into new ones. If you're in a hurry to coin a lot of words in bulk, this would definitely be the generator to play with.

10. Also from Michael Eidson, generate various sorts of precipitation, temperatures and wind speeds for your world with Weather Generator.


  1. I much prefer this type of fun with generators than the other kind we sometimes face in Florida during hurricane season. I'd far rather fool with Eidson's Event Generator than haul around a generator to power part of my house.

  2. Lots of fun, but who really needs the giberish generator? I know I do that well all on my own. LOL

  3. I'd also add the TV Show Pitch Generator, Soap Opera Recap Generator, and Newspaper Headline Generator as helpful writing/brainstorming tools. All are available at Generator Land (

  4. Gibberish generator=way to deal with trolls? Post their comments as gibberish?

  5. At Making Light, troll posts get disemvowelled. It's hilarious.

    Merseyside isn't a town! dear me!

  6. Thank you for the names generators. My father in law also used them for his Dungeons and Dragons game.


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