Monday, August 29, 2005

Katrina Check In Spot

So far our respective clans are checking in and okay, although many family members and friends had to go to shelters, or are without power.

For those of you who are concerned about author Poppy Z. Brite, according to the last post on her LJ she and her husband left New Orleans before the storm and are in Mississippi.

I know some regular visitors here have also had to evacuate or are in the path of the storm. When you folks have time/power, please let us know you're okay in comments.


  1. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Hi all. My wife and I bugged out ahead of the wave of people leaving and are just across the Texas border. I don't know when we'll get to go back, but when we do I'll probably be off-line for a while.

    Bottom line, we are alive and ok. All that stuff in the house, and the house itself, can be replaced if need be.

    I'll post an update or two on the comments section of my blog.

    Hope everyone else came through ok.

    Stay low and keep moving,

    -- F

  2. I thought Mississippi got hit worse.

  3. Not sure I count, but Montgomery seems to have escaped once again. We're expecting rolling tornado warnings tonight, but, so far, we're only having medium wind and periodic rain.

    (And I understand tornado warnings aren't trivial, but they seem to use the sirens here for what would really be a watch, so I'm puzzled.)

  4. Anonymous11:42 PM

    F., glad to know you all are in the clear.

    Jordan, it looks like Miss. and Alabama were also hit hard; no update on Ms. Brite yet but she was 80 miles from New Orleans so she's likely without power.

    Alison, thanks for the link to the news about Larissa, and let us know if we can do anything to help.

    Jean, we'll keep you in our thoughts. Hang in there.

    Clan PBW updates:

    Mom & Dad and the So. FL crew are okay and almost everyone has power back on.

    Ivy and family evacuated and are in the Carolinas. I spoke with them tonight and they're going to stay until the water recedes. Call D. anytime to talk to them.

    Jess and Rob's folks are with their son in Houston and plan to stay there through the end of the season to avoid storms. Rob's Dad is doing fine; just worried about their property. L, call Rob.

    The T's have scattered, but Deb says everyone left the day before the storm. She'll post names and locations on the loop as she gets them. Also, temp. living arrangements need to be made for those whose homes were flooded out or destroyed by Katrina.


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