Thursday, August 04, 2005

Books Needed

By now a lot of you have heard about author Marianne Mancusi, whose house was burned to the ground while she was at RWA National.

For those of you who haven't, here is more information from Barb Ferrer's LJ:

As fellow authors, we know how important a writer's library is, so the Literary Chicks have begun a book drive for Marianne, as well as posted an address to which to send the books and any gift certificates people might feel compelled to give.

Repeating the address here:

Marianne Mancusi
PO BOX 8003
Boston, MASS 02114

They're also organizing an ebay auction, so if you have critique services that you'd be willing to donate, please contact Lani Diane Rich at

What I'm asking everyone to do, is if you're sending Marianne books, could you PLEASE list what books you're sending in MY comments section for this entry so we can try to avoid duplicates as much as possible. I'll even start. :-)

Please, anyone who can help, time, books, gift cert., it would be much appreciated. Marianne is truly one of the good guys.

I know if we all pitch in we can do a lot to help rebuild Marianne's library. If you're able to help out with some books, an auction item, or a donation, please do.


  1. Oh that's just awful. I'll send her a gift certificate to Borders.

  2. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Thanks, Trace -- and extra thanks to everyone who read this and is contributing. We're already making a difference.

  3. Does she have kids or any other special type of needs? I'm certain there will be more than enough of the "basic" type of things sent.



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