Monday, August 22, 2005

Health Ten

Ten Things to Improve Writer Health

1. AAOS's illustrated guide to Back Pain Exercises.

2. Terry Burns' links page on Health Care and Benefits for Writers.

3. DVC's Stress Reduction Exercises.

4. Exercises to help with Strengthening the Lower Trapezius Muscle -- that's the one in your shoulders that keeps getting knotted up.

5. Fitter First's article Ten Tips for a Healthy and Active Work Environment.

6. Information on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be found here, along with excellent recommendations on prevention through exercise, work changes, and proper use of suitable equipment.

7. Patricia King's article Is Work Ruining Your Diet? Five Ways to Practice Healthful Eating from 9 to 5.

8.'s article Obesity May Begin at the Office points out the weight hazards to writers and other desk workers.

9. Dr. Joseph Mercola's How to Stay Healthy While Working in an Office--Six Important Tips.

10.'s Memory Improvement Tools.