Saturday, August 06, 2005

Amazon Strikes Twice

A couple of folks have written to tell me about this book on eBay, which is also for sale under my name on

I love moms, and I do write books under names that I can't publicize, but please be advised that I did not write this book. One of the authors is listed as Sheila M. Kelly, which is one letter off my own name, Sheila L. Kelly. likely screwed it up first, and the eBay seller, like so many, probably cut 'n paste the listing from the listing.

As for the e-mail about the reviewer who gave my novel Blade Dancer four stars without actually reading the book, I found it hilarious. Kid, you've got a very bright future in reviewing.


  1. *chuckles at the review*

    I see a lot of this sort of thing on Amazon. I haven't decided yet if it's annoying or hilarious. :P

  2. Cute, very cute. Maybe I'll put one up for Afterburn ;). I haven't read it yet, but it's due on my doorstep any day now :).

    Though, to be semi-serious for a sec, it actually is a bit of a ringing endorsement. How many friends get charged up enough by a book to "force" someone to buy a book?

    And I picked up my missing Jessica Hall too :).



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