Saturday, January 01, 2005


There is no cure for the hangover, according to British anesthesiologist Dr. Ian Calder, who blames cogeners for the unhappy morning after that alcohol users regularly experience.

Right now I'm simply trying to imagine wanting to put something in my body which metabolizes into formaldehyde and formic acid. Nope, sorry.

I don't use alcohol for several reasons, but the primary one is that I am the child of an alcoholic. Also, I have a functioning brain. And then there's the disgust unrelated to my childhood or my intelligence; as in I've scraped too many drunks -- or what was left of them -- out of wrecked cars.

If this offends you? Good. Because anyone who uses alcohol is a moron. Stick that in your wine glass and sniff it.

Stupid people can be saved, however. If you are having a problem with your alcohol intake, I strongly recommend you attend an A.A. meeting. How about today? Start the New Year off right and stop making everyone who loves you suffer.

If you have a parent, spouse, or family member who can't control their alcohol use, try Al-anon/Alateen. I used to attend Alateen meetings when I was a kid and they helped.

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