Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Book offer came in yesterday for my next inspirational novel. Unless my agent thinks otherwise I'm going to accept it, so this one will likely be the first sale of the year. If the editors are still okay with the idea I pitched last year, it'll be the Canterbury Tales book I've mentioned to some of you.

I'm 20K away from finishing the first draft of my first book of 2005 (some of which I wrote in 2004; I'm not that fast.) I expect to polish it off today. I have two more books in progress and hope to finish both of them by the first of Feburary.

A couple of authors have inquired as to whether I was talking about their book in yesterday's book review rant. Rest assured that I was not. I seriously doubt that particular author even knows who the hell I am, much less hangs around here (PBW is still read mostly by my friends and readers.) Also, sorry to everyone for not answering your e-mails; I've got to get this book done and out of here.

To the confused author (who asked to remain nameless and genderless) who would like to know why I make more money, publish so often, and write books that outsell his/her own books:

Without getting into quality of writing, because I don't critique other authors, I know you do a large amount of self-promotion, belong to all the organizations, post in all the right newsgroups, chase all the industry awards, do the con circuit, etc. But while you're promoting your one or two books a year, I'm home writing eight or nine contracted novels and pitching at least twice that many to editors for future work. Just do the math.

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