Wednesday, January 19, 2005


About three-quarters of the way to today's finish line; if I don't lock my keys in my car again I just might make it. I'm taking some time off to make shrimp with linguine, Caesar salad and a big loaf of Italian garlic-herb bread for dinner tonight, though. I need garlic. No, I'm not pregnant, and whoever thought that, you're grounded for a week. Now go to your room.

Can you tell it's homework hour?

Author Alison Kent has been following discussions about author blogs, and posted a link to the latest article on the subject here. I especially like the "I'm too busy" excuse. Babe, you want to see busy? Spend a week in my moccasins.

11:59 pm, update: Final total, 23,923 for the day. Close, no cigar.

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