Sunday, January 02, 2005

Do Over

Let's kick off the new year with something other than death and me yelling at everyone, shall we? Right.

Despite what you think you see on the cover of certain industry trade magazines, Jason Alexander and Drew Carey are not science fiction writers. But now I have to go and change the order of my Ten Authors Who Should Not Be Photographed list again.

I think this latest entry to the Authors Behaving Badly file is actually educational about the reality of writing for small presses. If you care to wade through the profanity, that is. (Thanks to M for the link.)

Rick Kleffel has posted an interesting article on graphic novels. He's got a book giveaway contest as well (see bottom of the article.) Alas, I still haven't caved, but occasionally I'll look through Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon GNs before letting my kid buy them. Yes, I am the Meanest Mother in the Universe. The backwards order, btw, is truly annoying.

Mad Max has finally posted his survey results over on Book Angst 101.

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